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Breakingviews: Dimon dilemma

Monday, May 13, 2013 - 03:16

May 13 - Richard Beales and Antony Currie review the pros and cons of splitting the chairman and chief executive roles – currently both held by Jamie Dimon – at JPMorgan.

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Jamie Dimon the chairman and chief executive residual -- it just might not have both those totals up to the company's annual meeting which is next week at a Florida. NC it's a bit of a tricky decision to show us how they might but it tells us on this proposed fiscal proposition is is not binding. Right and it's just split the two incidents that you go to a few -- put up this proposal which guy comes home. Lacey -- account last year and it was on the docket before them on the well to -- -- it's not unusual thing to have especially. I'm an America where I think half of the top. 500 firms have wrote a split role but his growth it's an increase its its growing pressure got to destroy a -- recent conference in Iraq and 60% to six upset -- that yet we want Oscar -- so it's it's it's common it's becoming more common. Nothing wrong with -- it's also his legend has it done right well if that is the question it's a little Honda with an existing tendency because. It's viewed probably role is as a kind of punishment right yeah I think last -- decisions like that wasn't sort of as a punishment. This in -- say case and Rutland -- it's about everything that's been venting coming essence general the principals of the company came out with Austria. Then there principles regulations set as the Internet has been a lot of noise. Payment and a dominant any punishment second set tries to take a cut in pay about 50% which is nets don't read about things they squad with deeper. The same reason why you have to see is just as punishment is that it's a good bit of corporate governance and us open -- little one of the problems we -- they would they would the world trade was. But a lack of the right structures and maybe a little complacency in the future at somebody's else taking may be more of an overview on the lead director doesn't say well. I'm I'm responsible for some of us that may be some of those tips wouldn't of wouldn't terrorists than he has one -- -- -- -- and may not sold and -- and of course anything back -- that question personal loses. But -- has appeared strong independent and has been doing. Which is very important of bank. Then meaning you may well of course Mickelson may have been headed -- all nice and Nick -- things and as he put it. Performance -- that they were done and has been good -- has been better from bank here for a bank has been -- -- -- -- that the bank's legal. Even with the oil trade can't really say he's been a fascinating. -- a -- in Austria even with the ride this this -- so that's one thing to sell this -- -- -- when they look at this another thing is that. He's so this seems to be some sense that he might quit if he was stripped of the title which seems to me a good reason to split the titles that's the best -- If you can expect that on Friday to directors came out with a net saying. If you if you spit this romance if you hurt could grow to be -- -- -- -- discusses his -- is not in the best interest shelves well. It retail shelves lost in the best interest you that make a decision making arguments for it and -- movements and I think -- naproxen this year. We're not dead set against splitting the roles must happen to think it's about individual. Well guess what shareholders think very the other way. To think differently and the people running the bank. Running at the behest the channel to say except in -- hope excellence Abbas say about the veiled threat that humanely means is is going way over the top. But it will leave it that. We'll see what happens of that meeting next week it will have a breaking news chancellor.

Breakingviews: Dimon dilemma

Monday, May 13, 2013 - 03:16

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