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Europe Day Ahead: Movie Stars & Fancy Cars

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - 02:14

May 14 - Mercedes unveils the new S-Class, curtain up on the Cannes Film Festival and a potential parting gift from the BoE’s Mervyn King.

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Now on the west Florida slew of GDP data due Wednesday around the Euro zone -- should we expect. We still expect a contraction -- point 1% -- -- on the first on the quarter. In that the stop of the year. That nevertheless reflects relatively wide discrepancies and long. Man in particular the launch -- in the states that we expect for example Germany. To grow well point 3% QQ there was some positive. Contribution from net trade very likely. And but then on the other side we still see Italy and Spain on. Contracting and also -- is very likely to contract maybe even my -- point 2% QQ I have England's quarterly inflation report out tomorrow some potentially good news finance minister George Osborne. Economists say governor Mervyn king and his lost report before stepping down in June. May deliver parting gift of time growth projections and that inflation full costs. Little to cheer on the job from the UK unemployment full cost remain at its highest level since August 2012. While earnings growth except snow again to -- point 8% smallest rise since records began in 2001. In company news detailed results due from Allie Jones Europe's biggest insurer said last week net profit is up around 25%. As old businesses improve. Susan -- having a lot of time jimmies number wants to make up such a report of 45% drop in earnings. The good signals coming from simple -- telecoms group full cost reported 33%. Rise in profits. Attach a cross in Germany tomorrow night as diamond on -- a new Mercedes S series official pictures have already been leaked online bar sales -- The new luxury sedan expects to launch onto the market later this yet finally movie moguls will head to the south of France tomorrow for the Cannes Film Festival. That's moments version of The Great Gatsby will lift the curtain and have a full thousand -- films will be watched pitched bought and sold. Over the next ten days the picture is still looking at that. Workers unveiling the official poster featuring John Woodward and polonium. That's a look ahead to Wednesday. Next hopefuls.

Europe Day Ahead: Movie Stars & Fancy Cars

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - 02:14

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