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Breakingviews: Silver Lake hearts Carl Icahn?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - 03:41

May 14 - Antony Currie and Breakingviews columnists discuss why the LBO shop in the running to buy Dell may well be quietly rooting for the uppity billionaire's flakier counteroffer to succeed.

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So what happens and a bunch of people come together and decided to make a bid -- company which then. Pulls really bad earnings that were talking -- -- These two guys it -- -- Jeff go public this ever since the study looked like in February wasn't a silver lake so we gonna we gonna take this coming problem with Michael -- joining us. And -- -- now is it for tell all and let me clear this is just took Carl Icahn has come over public revised -- that's kind of the latest that he's got -- military wants to have -- special dividend to shareholders. And it leave them with the wrong but the company's rising tide it over this -- leveraged bill. And the question really is like to soberly. Really want this company is that -- I got there in this kind of awkward position now if in fact they're worried about the state of Dell. They can't really pull out of this deal to him some big EV. Maybe -- -- who -- mountains that that probably Carl Icahn it hey the other better -- it's kind of like united do you really taken seriously given how many did he puts in that are just. Flaky and justice in America that's -- natural inclination is certainly my natural leadership the fingers CPR proved us all instances it is energy company that he. He wants to really -- and it involved contingent value rights he was you know it's challenging management that seemed to be doing the right things. I hope we hope we can what did the company -- up and has done all the time and it it tough on him so. -- everything else certainly sounds just wait you mean you can kind of go with the big thing was that that an -- -- has just. What -- the process as he sees it hitting the province PC sales are days. Dishing about 15% annually and Dell makes a lot of money in PCs have that this is disappearing it's it's it's problematic for Delta's at least. On the whole thing about so -- is coming in they're saying well you know that it it it's sure that business is declining but over time you know -- you've got to cash flow it's so cheap. The promises it it seems -- been -- for good reason -- and that is that. The reason this question comes close because after so relate put and it's been with Michael -- They came out these numbers industry numbers came out PC shipments -- but you know the biggest quarterly fall. In twenty years. And then you also had a bit Dell itself say you know. Revised down its operating on you know forecast and the idea being. That's that's cured with Blackstone which had been a bitter against the early that was -- that was a lot of artists sounding out CEOs. Had already basically put forth holding someone from Dell's senior I think it hired you know they had hired as a partner our director of the former strategy director tells them they have some pretty good -- it. They ran scared it's why you start to ask the question this -- really want this now they can't get out of that it would take government money go to -- maximum service changes they -- we know he's you think back if things really hit -- -- We can get -- doesn't it puts it there right at this is a very narrowly constrained what but even if it was looser however they invoke that they've got Michael Dell on their side. You know they've got to pay 750 million dollar break fee which more than half the money they're talking up into the deal anyway yeah so yeah I think we're really did you watch the body language you know. Companies are fighting for ideal time to make a lot of public statement sent letters to shareholders maybe take -- -- How aggressively they go after this could tell you really how much they -- that it looks that they take a vacation on the between -- encourage editor -- I gentlemen thank you very much we'll definitely be keeping on that anything involving Colin and get science and need to comedy value but debut rather amusing he ends up being -- yeah. For slightly positive announced today moved back tomorrow with more breaking news.

Breakingviews: Silver Lake hearts Carl Icahn?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - 03:41

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