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Saving J.C. Penney: Five analysts accept the mission

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - 02:27

May 15 - Five analysts' offer their advice on how J.C. Penney can save itself under its new CEO Mike Ullman.

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Initially it's all about. Good morning and preventing and it doesn't mean I have to give it away. There's a we'd be strategic about it. But it's it's it's really being. Targeted with your message. And he's had a huge advantage -- they had three billion dollar catalog operation that they converted to -- online world. And under. The current under the prior regime -- Johnson that whole business was virtually abandoned. So which is the challenge that Mike has is that he's gonna have to invest a lot of money in this but again they should have the infrastructure to win -- that business. Communicate with. Investors and analysts what they're doing on an ongoing basis and make sure that they struck a balance sheet and continued to find that the transition until they're back in the black. You know they've embarked on this trail to get better merchandise to get a better look. And essentially it is looking for a little bit younger. More vibrant customer base so the question is now can they please that customer they're only just starting to connect with. And at the same time. Get the older customer that's been shopping penny for years. To still buy stuff and still come to the store so it's. That's a tricky one because you're you're trying to please multiple customer segments that. Once you get home done 500 of their stores have roughly 15 of their force bases and hundreds drop cloth for the past several months. And when you have a construction and liquor store. That hurt traffic and every other area historically -- wanna be hanging around within the table saws going you know they want the wanna be in there and have a good shopping experience. -- being able to get home back in the store. -- -- -- get people in to see the new home. And be able to get rid of the construction situation so many of their plight of the better stores. That's really important to get that done is done by June 6 instead. And the last thing they really need to do is resurrect the whole culture of the company and and really McCain and -- because there was a whole cadre of executives were fired. And now they have to replace. A lot of talent that's missing talent. It -- talent do a lot of different. Functions that are there that has to be changed.

Saving J.C. Penney: Five analysts accept the mission

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - 02:27

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