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Detour! Tracing the winding road to Obama’s legacy

Monday, May 20, 2013 - 03:13

With President Obama’s second term barely underway, the road to his presidential legacy already is littered with detour signs, from the IRS scandal to the Justice Department probe into AP phone records to lingering questions over the Benghazi attacks.

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I returned to the White House more determined and more inspired than -- about the. I'll explain why I've made those comments I want you order were right or wrong that's direct question I expected direct answer do you agree it's a provocative statement. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About the relationship between the United States and Israel and the senate. About the presence -- focused on trying to find a solution. To the -- the American people know the president gets more money there is gonna spend it. In -- into Atlanta. Away from them like I got White House experience. Obama says quote -- you gonna get -- in peace. I've got my nine problems amount javy is one. I. -- United States. -- -- use chemical weapons would be a game changer. That would cross or red line. I think it's pretty obvious that headlines across. It needs to go. Their families deserve answers. They were promised answers at the highest level. When their bodies came home suddenly. Three days ago. This gets spun up as if there some them. New to the story. There's no there there. And same folks who fought tooth and nail for years ago and try to make political out of obamacare. There's still telling tall tales about him. My question -- and about who's gonna resign. My question is who's going to jail over this game misconduct. That and cover. Is inexcusable. This was a very serious. Very seriously. And it's very very seriously. We're gonna go after in subpoena hundreds of phone line -- phone records. For journalists doing just does that offend Jews in America. Rush Limbaugh warned you about their second term maybe.

Detour! Tracing the winding road to Obama’s legacy

Monday, May 20, 2013 - 03:13

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