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Breakingviews: Yahoo's Tumblr takeover

Monday, May 20, 2013 - 03:20

May 20 - Antony Currie and Breakingviews columnists discuss how Marissa Mayer's biggest deal as CEO cements how she has gotten the company looking forward rather than backward.

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-- Marissa Mayer is finally doing what seems like a legion of former Yahoo! CEOs can do enough to get people to get excited about a company. Today she announced on Tumblr that she that company Alpine tundra full. One point one billion dollars that's what about a fifth of that cash. She said in the post he promised not to screw it up through this is that been evident how -- we've we've we've had Yahoo! being discussed by us and others for years about how badly -- doing what they should sell. They're almost the AOL you know like it right in this kind of they're there they're gonna die someday. And she's made it she's been at least a bit exciting I -- just an important doing Tumblr toddlers growing it's that it think it's a good sign up. However you know there's the risks involved because they they had a similar they've Flickr which which he's -- kind of a Tumblr. Gain of five or seven years I was it was even before face but it was kind of but they screwed it up and it got a history of buying sites like GO site they bought a long time ago they spent three billion dollar. I think you know like never went yeah. Hit him it was in -- sense that -- it in a way it doesn't matter what should I mean it does it does that sit yourself as but the point is. Young isn't news when -- -- is that some things just go to the news for good or bad you're talking about getting employees but it's the office. But looking at him any roll up because the company's changing. She pulled this whole use of aggregating company from a teenager in the UK. That's -- doing this instead of how do we sell is elicits hits -- you know the thing you can say it's. Maybe maybe it is so different it's business -- so proud of it that's a -- try to -- Marathon yes she was devalued the sweat bullets -- injuries -- That's where it goes and it was going to be faces dozen homes and dozens some inaccuracies that the president -- Good result of that they -- a couple of interim C and then they finally end this president seems to be injecting some real yeah well it certainly so she's if that's the thing about it is it's not supplementing it maybe that's -- doubles and she took over last. Yeah I mean she had she had one luxury and everybody just they couldn't stand Yahoo! -- -- for two -- they had this very rival Asian assets the candidate that big chunk of Alibaba. They've sold off lets give her nice bit of cash to play with and and Myers Smart and she did very very well Google and says she realizes that you know Yahoo! isn't about what it was yesterday it's so what can eat tomorrow which is waiting for tech company -- I mean she's making these big that's what they pay off. I have no idea and that -- -- toddlers hobby a -- and -- made it sound according to -- Forbes story they made. -- about 33 million in advertising last year revenue. About the same amount the first quarter so it's growing very fast that's all very very small base that's not that's that's very. So thus allowing members must have been for what she's -- to just increase traffic meets in a -- some Tom Ridge saying this because it feels so it's a very well it's that. I think hope something laid off. Somebody uses a live below that some -- video has been in the game and face that was previously been -- Davis has -- -- catching up -- That's one of those things in the future -- -- for him. I -- -- -- thanks left will be keeping an eye on just how well or not this acquisition doesn't whether she does indeed. Screwed up and we'll be back with more breaking news story.

Breakingviews: Yahoo's Tumblr takeover

Monday, May 20, 2013 - 03:20

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