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Techquity: Apple scrutinized over taxes, Intel reorganizes

Tuesday, May 21, 2013 - 02:55

May 21 - Congress questions Apple CEO Tim Cook and other executives over it tax payments. Plus, Intel's new CEO shakes up corporate structure.

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A little face time for Tim Cook with congress the apple CEO and other executives. Receiving pointed questions that he hearing about the company's tax practices. -- photos to release of the senate report that says it had kept billions of dollars in profits. In -- subsidiaries. And paid little or no taxes on it could consist apple doesn't do anything wrong. Honestly speaking I don't see it as being unfair I'm not an unfair person that's not who we yours accompany your line is -- individual. And so -- I would not preside over that honestly I don't see it and that. Apple says -- a major taxpayer. You that's expects to pay more than six billion in taxes this year. Think the latest tech giant to face scrutiny over tax payments. Google executives answered more questions from UK committee on its tax practices last week. Apple shares were down close to 2% earlier in the session now just fractionally lower. Amazon's cloud computing service got a big win. And thought been given security clearance by the US government. Easier for federal agencies to use the cloud computing business that's known as Amazon Web Services. I'm going after big corporations and government agencies as it seeks to grow business for that unit. The stock up close to 1% today our best of the rest today out trying to catch up -- four horsemen. New CEO Brian Chris and it's days after taking over is already organizing. As Soros who has seen an internal -- says it -- -- leaders creating new devices unit to focus urging product trends. And it's also expressed his commitment to being boulder. And moving faster to keep up with the rapidly changing industry. The company confirmed the contents of the memo -- roughly flat. No more than 10% below their 52 week high hit in June of last year. Some are sputtering tie IR look at new -- soaring is Clearwire. Sprint raised its buyout offer for the wireless services provider -- 350 per share. Some analysts think it's still enough to overcome opposition. Shares are up about 5%. At sputtering I gates the IT outsourcing companies that it had this is chief executive. For not disclosing your relationship with a subordinate. Though it's said he didn't violate the -- harassment policy. Shares are down 11%. That's equity this Tuesday remember you can follow on Twitter at RT RF equity. I'm rob the shop there this Reuters.

Techquity: Apple scrutinized over taxes, Intel reorganizes

Tuesday, May 21, 2013 - 02:55

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