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Castles in the clouds: Tech firms building massive headquarters

Thursday, May 23, 2013 - 02:59

Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook have unveiled plans for big new buildings with distinctive designs from top-name architects to house their growing workforces and make statements that the tech companies are here to stay. Reuters’ Alistair Barr reports.

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The four policemen have been -- -- We'll have faced a little -- down. I laugh at you headquarters buildings. In Silicon Valley and that countless innocent scaffold and they wanna make this statement -- of top cop father com. -- -- -- -- already has a sprawling campus in Mountain View which is black spot back in the middle and Silicon Valley. I'm they have building and you are much closer to its emphasis if they wish they may view it is designed specifically. That -- -- that software engineers and animals and about two and a half minute walk away from each other and the idea of without is that. You wanna collaborate loyalists -- line is and you wanna be walking around I was and is building and I lunch you've had courses. In Seattle and the latest designs that came out this week include these three not -- and steal by it and in the he's gonna have. -- into the trees inside and face that who. The old time as the Sun Microsystems. And now that expanding it to an area quite a sedan according FaceBook west. And frank -- the very famous architect. He's designing it. And that he initially. And designed it with them some. Giant wing like structures on it and FaceBook Austin to come down little bits and operates adjusted. And the idea that -- element build something to Austin, Texas. And so this one's gonna be like him basically a massive warehouse that's very very open and can be. Changed in configured. It's -- that needs and missiles are gonna have -- -- of leaving gardens and then and another sort of treaties. Ingrassia is on top of it on says that it that it lends him that this with the surroundings it's time. Apple's new headquarters. Is being compared to a giant spaceship and indeed Steve Jobs than before he died described it that way. And we come up within the design. That puts 121000 people. In one building. It's like a spaceship landed -- become good at. There is and its. Going to be surrounded by the trees and again. The parking area with a with a lot of things that comes. It's gonna be buried on the grounds and on and -- cars that really can be seen in the area. This -- of history it very big companies building lavish headquarters. And then struggling after they build them at -- -- -- back to the -- this building you know. And then in the end at one time won't end up being broken -- about it. I mean destroyed then it's -- think about it it's really amazing that -- -- these companies. And it really is a sign that the that -- confident. Well on the Internet has become an agent you. Did they get around them.

Castles in the clouds: Tech firms building massive headquarters

Thursday, May 23, 2013 - 02:59

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