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Sundance Kid swaps festivals for a launch in Cannes

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 - 01:33

May 22 - Robert Redford greets fans and talks about new film, ''All is Lost.'' John Russell reports.

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Robert Redford launched in Cannes on Wednesday (May 22) the survival movie "All is Lost," which is screening in the main selection out of competition at the festival. Wearing a light blue shirt, the 76-year-old arrived to screaming crowds as he made his way to the news conference for the film. "All is Lost" has stood out among the other movies at the festival as it contains next to no speech, save an introduction voice over to the movie and a moment of expletive language. It follows an unnamed man who wakes to discover his 39-foot yacht has been damaged by a discarded shipping container. Without the use of his navigation equipment or radio, he uses his wits and knowledge to find his way out of the situation. However, when a violent storm hits, his troubles get worse and he finds himself facing his own mortality. SOUNDBITE Robert Redford saying: "Well I believe in the value of silence in film, and I believe it in life as well because there's a lot of talk around - and maybe too much! But I've always valued silence and quiet and when you take that into a dramatic form, it becomes really interesting. Also, it forces you as an actor to be completely inhabiting your role." The story of a man lost at sea struck a chord with fans who braved the inclement weather to catch a glimpse of Redford walking the famous Cannes red carpet. "All is Lost" is expected to be released in the United States in October.

Sundance Kid swaps festivals for a launch in Cannes

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 - 01:33

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