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U.S. Week Ahead: Inflation numbers could calm investors

Friday, May 24, 2013 - 02:18

May 24 - Friday's estimated sluggish inflation numbers could keep worries about Fed policy tightening at bay for now.

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This week it is all about the Fed and inflation specifically personal consumption expenditures out on Friday. Its chairman Ben Bernanke's favorite way to gauge where prices are going. I guess everybody cast -- -- one according to economists polled by Reuters TTE is expected to cut and had a pretty tame one point 1%. Well below the -- gold and 2% target that could calm investors worried about Britney keep winding down 85 billion dollars a month bond buying from June onwards. One top policymakers James Bullard recently sent -- note tapering until quotes inflation was moving back towards the target. We'll hear a stock that has almost tripled since -- debuted two years ago and could go even higher Michael reports reports -- on Wednesday. Analysts have been growing more optimistic about the financial health of the retailer. What does analysts expect profits to beat the street consensus and to keep outperforming things do -- quote accessible luxury. Brandy and aggressive story expansion. We'll what would you do would you point six billion dollars of cash. Well that's what investors will be asking immune News Corp. -- Robert Thompson on Tuesday he will be speaking alongside of -- on the company's chairman analysts are speculating if the publishing an -- goes on buying -- it could focus on newspapers like the LA times and Chicago Tribune Co. is already planning on spending 500 million dollars on stock buybacks. G-20 is playing -- -- and 21 century are set to go independence. And Clearwire board may have a proof -- sweetened takeover offer but it's not a done deal just yet the company puts it UN vote at a shareholder meeting on Friday after spring increase its offer by 15%. Q3 dollars and forty cents this year but if I talk of stockholders say it's cute she. Offer needs approval from more than 50% Clearwire is minority investors so far 32%. Now. Morgan Stanley analysts say watch out for a possible counter offer from Dennis. Follow us on Twitter writer is insider and get more -- videos and Reuters dot com slash -- TV. And don't forget markets are closed on Monday for Memorial Day -- I think this -- --

U.S. Week Ahead: Inflation numbers could calm investors

Friday, May 24, 2013 - 02:18

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