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A Zeppelin flashback

Wednesday, Jun 05, 2013 - 06:50

World-class guitarist Steph Paynes follows her childhood dream of playing in a serious rock band and puts together her own group. Her singular ambition was to preserve all things Led Zeppelin, and began the auditioning of dynamic musicians until she struck gold with an all-female traveling rock band she entitled Lez Zeppelin. Multimedia production by Jason Reed and Larry Downing. (June 6, 2013)

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I was four years old and that friends of the family came over and he had this really cool guitar I took one look at it how can you please keep this thing. I really started listening to a lot of Led Zeppelin I was just struck by how incredible this music ones. I was sitting around one day and I just thought he -- I don't really had my dream it would be to play lead sentence. Just do it soon. And everything that you would use to describe really good board and really good music I was struck by as being in Led Zeppelin. When I was coming almighty guitar heroes were the times I was copying and Jimmy Page. Just wanted to be guitar. And that's it I. I don't want me being called under the best female guitar player -- -- I always wanted to get the female -- of that sentence. Meet playing Jimmy -- double necked guitar they respect that they increased the girls guitar player. Five plays that they understand that what I'm doing is really good. It's excludes feeding them the idea that we can play. You -- the bone on the guitar they're all sorts of things you can do with it and it's very very powerful. Female musicians are definitely being appreciated -- more than me everywhere and especially rockers he is my first influence as a singer and performer just let it all out I had desire to do that does -- that they old -- -- the -- command. -- -- It was obvious that this huge chemistry between the two of them. I think with Jimmy and Robert it definitely came out of him naturally. And I think you know that Shannon and I have some of that. We rub up against each other. Have fun -- To sing together. That's where real magic. Everything that Stephanie do together feels so natural. We get the tells stories with the music and have the freedom that the boys never had and share that intimacy and that chemistry. It's no women on world are allowed to. Lot of these guys. That was huge Led Zeppelin fans really were attracted to the end drive should be in the girl distance of Led Zeppelin and they all say but now I can actually go there my mind because -- girl like we get more high speed up -- feed the -- Mailed and had ever seen. The women are much -- sexy with that attach as they -- -- and everyone gets very wrapped up into the frenzy of that. Norm is two guys or his two girls like oh my god these ladies are not trying to -- of the perfect recipe. You -- your eyes. Far enough away you think you've seen the real thing figure was -- -- real run for the money. What's going on in hello -- it's a ritual. As you get into it if you look at tribes who. Mike to answer around the fire they get more and the word friend seated until the very end when there is exhausted. We get into what we call that there and in adult. The parent is the first real electronic means and I -- -- you can just use your -- it's very physical. To dream sounds. Out of the year. I think she's going to vote early vote if someone's gotta conquer and so and it must submit that the -- Sent -- and it takes over is an energy that that builds. Very charged and chanting almost mythological. Way so intense I mean let's apple and it's very sexual music. It's an important element of what they did. Pure sex really isn't it. I see those girls in the audience and know that they have role models like sword dancer of events. I just think this is great. When Lindsay and then they went.

A Zeppelin flashback

Wednesday, Jun 05, 2013 - 06:50

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