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Starting points: What Obama and Xi have in common

Wednesday, Jun 05, 2013 - 02:15

President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping are on opposite sides of many issues as they meet in California but they do have some common interests, which could launch real negotiations.

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Just like you caused forced to spend weekends together President Obama and Chinese president she -- -- -- the biggest help to get their conversation flowing when -- need for their summit in California this week. But one thing they love basketball. Don't expect a one on one matchup but talking hoops could lead to a discussion on North Korea. Because Pyongyang Kim Jong-un shares their passion for the game his nuclear threats of course have run afoul of both leaders. Then there's Iowa. For a couple of weeks in the 1980s. She -- with families in an Iowa farm town as part of an exchange program. No previous Chinese leader has ever has such personal ties to the US. Obama owes much of his election success in 2008. To Iowa caucus voters. Memories of Iowa might spark a deeper conversation on US farm exports to China which -- twenty billion dollars. And depending deal for Chinese firm to buy US -- giant Smithfield Foods. Obama and she can also compare notes on Wall Street heavyweights Steve Schwartzman. The Blackstone CEO and Obama famously feuded with Schwartzman even comparing Obama to Hitler invading Poland. But they have patched things up. Meanwhile Schwartzman recently committed 100 million dollars to finance a new roads -- scholarship for study in China a little chatter about -- could lead to US claims that China sets -- steep barriers to market access and foreign ownership. Have wives who are extremely popular she just seems like -- pop star who has sold millions of records. A game of my life is better known than I am could lead to two into one of the dicier issues the role of women and human rights in China. And all else fails there's always Joseph Biden. She is -- -- on a weeklong tour of China in 2011. And they travel together again last year in the US. Trading -- stories could lead to talk of cyber theft and spying. Biden's been outspoken about frustration over China's alleged cyber thefts.

Starting points: What Obama and Xi have in common

Wednesday, Jun 05, 2013 - 02:15

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