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Breakingviews: Is Carney Mr Easy Money?

Monday, Jun 10, 2013 - 03:53

June 10 - Mark Carney won’t turn out to be just that, says Breakingviews. The Carney pound may fare better than the Canadian dollar. Plus why the euro zone mustn't flunk its bank cleanup.

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So as -- Really missing easy money and the eurozone should this week -- banking problems under the competent. Joining me is -- pass let's -- Tony. There's places that he he probably won't get his way given the underlying -- economy things are improving GDP is getting better. Went over to -- a pound. -- -- -- This is basically they would be inspiration for this was erratic irritating piece by him distinguished economist at Pimco reasonably distinguished is that pound with a cell. And are kept fighting Campbell was just infuriated by this and say he wrote this irritated response. But I it's pretty interesting point is that. There's a kind of fueling the Carney came to be. Breathing easier you money than the already quite easy money policy the Bank of England. And I think that's a genuine general feeling and probably right one that was one of the reasons aisles when appointed him was that not just because he was the leading central bankers generation because he was a soft touch. And like seizing money and many of his comments and suggested that. But as as he points out in the peace. A unique ever really weak economy to justify this and we are half net. Hounsou. It's not really the right time for this and then the Monetary Policy Committee. How do you -- -- -- -- -- -- anyway united let's face it -- -- being angry being shot down so how many months yeah and you know -- -- and hit one -- very replace him with another. And that the other thing that I think is really important here is that I'm -- using a few years ago this is seen as monitor the panacea but at least. Pretty close to -- a lot of money into the system was supposed to solve. The growth problem it's not working and I think a lot of people around the world are starting to think this is really recipe for asset price inflation not for a. I'm gonna say it hasn't happened to economists look at an improving economy money turning on hole which is likely to be. Guess compact strong pound not weak pound title by myself not itself. I'm amenities you Anderson's piece on the on the on the banking unions I mean we've talked a lot about this. We've made. As everyone seems to do the comparisons with the US. How it's how how it worked better that way it was handled -- of that what is happening Europe well. He goes argument which is hard to argue it really is you need to do better job you need to get a clear resolution authority he needs to stop hiding the problems. The banks stop pretending you solve the problems. I think everyone was very discouraged to see that the banks of Cyprus which have been -- is perfectly sound failed abysmally. And not just because of the liquidity problem but it turned out -- assets were bad. And I think that did the basic point here is you need to just do the hard work of not sweeping problems under the carpet. And then sort of say it's -- these -- do -- spread but then governments need to provide a backstop for the -- yet that -- the pedestal and it's a typical European thing is everyone's blaming everyone else. They're all right. And the ECB doesn't do its job the EU doesn't do its job and the European national governments don't do their job. And they all have to work together and solve their -- a lot to les yes we can't really talk. -- Clear sailing at the Arizona Austria's thank you so banking and fiscally union are these are fiscal support mechanisms of the two. Outstanding questions for these survival of the Euro. We can continue to push these problems down the road until we actually solve them the euro's future -- remain in doubt -- get -- -- many things that Edwards had asked for more -- setting aside what's our US breaking news show. Every day trough out east in seventeen -- PST. I'm axle problems is --

Breakingviews: Is Carney Mr Easy Money?

Monday, Jun 10, 2013 - 03:53

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