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Touring lawmakers’ cash-hauling hangouts

Monday, Jun 10, 2013 - 02:42

Members of Congress are forbidden by law from dialing for dollars from their offices on Capitol Hill. But that’s not stopping them from raking in cash. Reuters’ Andy Sullivan takes us on a walking tour of the places lawmakers go to raise campaign money within shouting distance of the Capitol dome.

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Here in Washington lawmakers are not allowed to raise money member offices on Capitol Hill. But the parties expect them to spend up to four hours each day working the phones to raise cash were they supposed to do it. Posted a little tour around Capitol Hill to see where they go to raise money. -- first stop is the Capitol Hill club headquarters of the Republican Party. As you can see it's just across the parking lot and -- House of Representatives office buildings. So it's very easy for lawmakers to pop over here between -- -- committee hearings walk upstairs and hit the phones newcomers are expected to hit the phone for four hours today. They're the most vulnerable they don't really have those networks said of the donors and they haven't really established their names. -- keep in mind that lawmakers need to raise an average of one point eight million dollars on the house side to stay competitive. That works -- to 2400 dollars a day 365. Days a year. Across the street we have tortilla coast of popular Tex mex is doing on Capitol Hill. Congressman Paul Ryan matched his Republican Party vice presidential nominee used to work here as a waiter back when he was a -- 1990. The combo played a set you back eleven dollars and 95 cents that people often pay a lot more money to come through these stores. That's because of the popular fund raising spot for breakfast and -- events for the price of admission usually starts at 500 dollars. Now this building only looks like a minimum security prison facility New Mexico it's actually the headquarters of the Democrats only a few blocks from the capitol. It's got to telemarketing sweet and it also has banquet facilities. Now lawmakers love to complain about how miserable is in here they've got. Cubicles and you've got to headset and they often have a minder who sort of sits at their shoulder and make sure that they don't take too long -- -- -- It hit the building can really start to speak after awhile after cures it starts to smell like a locker room. This townhouse is the final stop on her walking toward Capitol Hill. It's just across the parking lot for many of the house office buildings it's a popular fund raising site for lawmakers who don't wanna go to the trouble of renting at a restaurant. There's lots of trade associations and lobbying -- who have similar townhouses on Capitol Hill they see as a convenient way to curry favor with those who set policy. There are plenty of convenient places to raise money on Capitol Hill that running afoul of election -- But that doesn't mean it's particularly popular idea with those -- have to do it. After all these people came to Washington to change the country not essentially be telemarketers. But don't expect the system to change any time soon. There's scant support for reform among Republicans and even Democrats say they don't really get -- of that push from president Barack Obama. For Reuters I need to --

Touring lawmakers’ cash-hauling hangouts

Monday, Jun 10, 2013 - 02:42

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