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Pinhole camera lights the way for traditionalists

Tuesday, Jun 11, 2013 - 02:05

June 11 - A Slovenian designer has developed a durable and user-friendly wooden pinhole camera in an attempt to remind amateur photographers of the lost art of picture taking. Jim Drury has more.

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It may look like a high school project....but Elvis Halilovic's retro pinhole camera is set to take on the leading photographic brands. The ONDU is made of locally sourced chestnut and maple wood, and held together by magnets. Film is loaded inside and a single metal screw holds the shutter in place. The Slovenian designer says the easy to use device produces unique images. SOUNDBITE (English) INDUSTRIAL DESIGNER, ELVIS HALILOVIC, SAYING: "In pinhole photography we use small tiny pinhole-sized aperture which we drill with a precision drill, that lets light through to the same material. And, because it has such a high aperture, this tiny hole, it produces unique images that no other kind of photographic camera can achieve." Halilovic raised $80,000 via crowdsourcing to fund the project. He says almost a thousand cameras will be delivered to his first customers, mainly US-based, in October. Models cost between 60 and 200 dollars. Local photographer Brane Bozic is one convert. SOUNDBITE (Slovenian) BRANE BOZIC, PHOTOGRAPHER, SAYING: "It looks serious and you can take good pictures with it. You need some knowledge of photography to develop photos by yourself, so I think it's useful for anyone with interest in photography." Halilovic, who hand crafts all the cameras with brother Benjamin, wants the public to rediscover the basic tenets of photography, particularly the utilisation of light. SOUNDBITE (English) INDUSTRIAL DESIGNER, ELVIS HALILOVIC, SAYING: "When you take a picture with a pinhole camera not only the photographer is involved, but also the subject. Because exposing images with this kind of cameras takes a little bit longer than just taking a snapshot, so the people that get photographed with these cameras get away with an experience." Halilovic knows some users will be attracted to the novelty of the product, but he hopes the ONDU will also help a new generation of serious photographers see the light.

Pinhole camera lights the way for traditionalists

Tuesday, Jun 11, 2013 - 02:05

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