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"Man of Steel" proves its about the franchise- Porter Bibb

Monday, Jun 17, 2013 - 04:22

June 17 - The latest Superman movie had the best June debut in history- despite a little known star-because of the franchise's International appeal says Media Tech Capital's Porter Bibb. Bobbi Rebell reports.

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Star -- may be fading Hollywood it is all about the franchise when it comes to the box office case in point Superman. Had the biggest student have you ever this weekend. Without a major Hollywood star at the hub let's talk more about this with media tech capital partners corder bad. -- -- what is going on here. Well it's it is about the franchise not the stars of the director of the writers and -- you cited man of steel. Almost no one who has not yet seen that if Steele can tell you who this man as who's playing Superman. Right now so it's all about the franchises is the sixth. Superman movie in the last thirty years and you can expect several more coming up on top of a huge opening -- you enjoyed this weekend. And a lot of -- you think is being driven by me. Upsurge in overseas interests in America itself. I huge amount it did ten years ago was 5050 domestic purchases overseas box office today at 75 maybe trending toward eighty years 85%. Total box office. There's a high huge hunger for a couple of American blockbuster movies that. Particularly emphasized the stars they emphasize special effects and that a recognizable franchise characters like. Iron manners Superman or Batman and know where. Even somebody like a team like fast and furious which is one of them most successful and profitable franchises that Hollywood is -- -- How does that affect the economic pilot. Well which pictures are getting more and more expensive. It's bent steel was 200 million dollars but even more critical is that -- amount of money it takes to launch a movie. Minutes -- Warner Bros. spent a 120. Million dollars marketing and promoting madness deal and they got. The promotion money back on the first weekend 245. Million at the box office. So they were there on their way to work to multi billion dollar franchise but it basically is. -- -- -- Out independence this do that what this Hollywood business calls one off movies that don't have a franchise potential and rely on story -- character. Or -- actors. And you mentioned stars mean to launch a movie so much of -- in the past has been about the star that they -- Will Smith movie of the summer and what happened to that will this movie this summer. Not a big hit it off Tom Cruise. Well is this the star is no law. The drawing power because -- he he is not recognizable necessarily outside the US and even in the US there's so much. Fragmentation. Of entertainment media is now that the stars much much less important good example would be. Passengers -- six. Versions of fast and -- to -- to make that a hugely successful franchise that first one start Nick Cage and -- Angelina Jolie. Who's The Who the stars of a the one that broke box office records a couple of weeks ago Vin Diesel and the rock. So that is very -- next generation of stars coming up in Hollywood or if it's sort of a vacuum and that's why it's happening but there's a lot of talent among the younger generation of stars but they're going to be relegated independent movies and then not have the star power that we once recognized this as being the -- -- And where is independent movies -- -- -- is -- permanent cinemas at -- hit bouncers they're feeling that -- features. And the movie theaters that everyone else for me David -- Netflix right -- where -- are -- independent producers are blessing Netflix which is buying up as much content as they possibly -- they're going to be mortar that flexes. Buying independent movies because -- affordable. Google Amazon -- Microsoft Sony are all launching. Netflix type and the movies on demand than there is a market. There's less of a market overseas for the independence. The Internet is going to survive and that -- it will be a profitable business because they're not gonna spend a 125 million dollars to launch an independent movie thank you so much. A pleasure. I think he immediate capital partners Porter that -- -- rebel best as writers.

"Man of Steel" proves its about the franchise- Porter Bibb

Monday, Jun 17, 2013 - 04:22

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