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NSA details terror plots stopped by snooping

Tuesday, Jun 18, 2013 - 02:25

The NSA and FBI outlined several terror plots they claim to have foiled through NSA-sponsored surveillance, including a plan to bomb the New York Stock Exchange.

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NSA and FBI officials descended on congress to defend the NSA surveillance program disclosed by former NSA analyst -- -- saying it was legal and vital and protecting Americans from terror attacks these programs together with other intelligence. Have attacked the US and our allies from terrorists that's. Across the globe to include helping prevent the terrorist. But the potential terrorist event. Over fifteen times since nine elevenths. But FBI deputy director Sean choice chose to outline only a handful of terror plots foiled by NSA gather intelligence. The most publicized case in 2009 the NSA intercepted an email from a terrorist in Pakistan to -- bullets -- -- US resident in Denver Colorado about assembling explosives. The FBI -- -- to New York City and arrested him. Police found backpacks of explosives and does he admitted to plotting to attack the New York City Subway systems. NSA also provided a phone number of another co conspirator at these men and John in Queens both are now prison. The second case began -- -- planning a connection between a terrorist in Yemen with Kansas City residents co lead with Sonny who is Johnny was raising money for al-Qaeda inside the United States. Using the NSA information the FBI uncovered a plot to bomb the New York Stock Exchange. It was -- was arrested and pled guilty to supporting a terrorist organizations when he -- In another the NSA learned that a terrorist group in Pakistan was in touch with a Pakistani American in Chicago team David Headley. The FBI says Headley was working with the al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist on a plot to bomb the offices of the Danish newspaper that published cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. That plot was disrupted the NSA also indicated Headley had helped orchestrate the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks which is now serving a 35 your prison sentence. The NSA revelations both publicly and had a series of classified closed hearings appear to have -- congress to its defense. What we learned is that congress support these programs by NFL and the other thousand things at his very vigorously. And has no particular desire or interest in critiquing them or has taken them apart. There's there's there's a cure infection his progress on that for things they support. The view of his administration officials and intelligence officials that these programs are -- legal and authorized the move. They're conducting them absolutely appropriately under the law.

NSA details terror plots stopped by snooping

Tuesday, Jun 18, 2013 - 02:25

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