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Water "the teeth" of climate change - World Bank

Wednesday, Jun 19, 2013 - 01:49

June 19 - Growing pressure over water remains the most worrying symptom of climate change, argues the World Bank President, while a projected 2°C rise in temperature by 2030 could submerge Bangkok.

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Climate scientists say that carbon is the currency of a climate change -- -- We we're already seeing. Struggles and and and conflicts over access to water. This is what I'm most worried about it in the fundamental issue Stephen one and one that I really wasn't aware of before. Coming into this job is that the earth is fundamental handling water different. The jetstream has changed. That you that the the -- -- Nina when -- Nina effects. Are changing. That well race here now all the time well I mean this -- most of the time where this is this is this is -- reason this is one of the recent findings is that the very wet Summers are related two. The way that the earth is handling what are differently. What some of the pilot and I say is how can you tie in particular. Event to climate change and that's not what we're saying we're not saying that a particular event and climate change our our directly cause and really what we're saying is. That the climate change scientists -- predicted that extreme weather events are going to increase in number. And so you know we are having I can't now I I've lost count of the number of you know once in lifetime events that happened in the last two or three years. -- that you know. Done there's something going on here folks once in lifetime events all the time meant. So so this is what to prediction is -- so. If it's a hard thing because there's not a direct if I did this this will happen. It's. A kind of collective solidarity. That we have to exercise. On behalf of our children but it's not just on behalf of our children and just give you an example. In my twenties by the 2030 or 4040. If we get to two degrees Celsius. Bangkok could be underwater right so if you Steve were planning to retire and then cup which is a great place. You have to rethink your plans.

Water "the teeth" of climate change - World Bank

Wednesday, Jun 19, 2013 - 01:49

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