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Techquity: Facebook chasing Twitter, Google fined

Thursday, Jun 20, 2013 - 04:01

June 20 - Facebook unveils video feature similar to Twitter's while Google is penalized again in the EU.

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Brace yourself video is coming in to ground. That's the latest announcement from FaceBook the fight putting 52 limit on the -- and giving users thirteen filters to adopt them. It's available now Apple's IOS and android because after -- behind act gave its users the chance to share up to 62 video. Exactly shocking. Various reports that indicated that the economy will it move in neat well FaceBook earlier announcements this year happen. January 15 it debuted its social -- search feature which holds a long term promise but it's still -- work in progress. March 7 it premiered and look for new speed including a greater focus on photos. Its stock lost ground after -- April 4 to showcase FaceBook halt the app that resides a Smart phone's home screen. Soon thereafter AT&T cut the price on phones preloaded with this app from nearly a hundred dollars to less than a dollar. In an interview with Reuters this week to -- operating officer -- Hamburg. Argued the company is much stronger on every metric and when it went public last year. Shares were lower ahead of the announcement and not as much as the market overall. Now they're down a bit more than the market following 2%. Big Brother is watching he's been watching since the 1940s when George Orwell came out with this book 1984. Google is being chased by European regulators for its data collection and privacy policies. Why are European regulators now climbing Google's walls. Well there keep it after the US National Security Agency has been secretly accessing user data from nine US Internet giants. Including Google. Spain is giving Google a fine actually violating privacy laws but it wasn't clear about what he did with users' data. French is giving Google three months to clean up -- -- or -- fine all. Regulators want Google to be more transparent around the user data it collects what it does what that information and how to customize -- advertising. Google says its privacy policy respects European law and is working with authorities throughout this process. Shares down about 1% today. So -- and sputtering time starring is fitness are. The network equipment maker posted a profit late Wednesday that topped expectations on stronger demand for its products. Shares up more than 10%. And sputtering along is edicts it's an insurance software firm and it canceled its planned merger with an affiliate of Goldman Sachs. After US regulators started investigating allegations. Of misconduct -- -- shares down nearly 40%. And finally John McAfee the founder of the anti virus software company has come out with a video trying to help people remove the software from their machines. If centric millionaires that he left a company fifteen years ago and he's not sure why people still write to him. It's hard to explain. The clip. Mean depending on which edition and version of Mac these anti malware software isn't Stults. On your computer you may have the click on remove un installer. Similarly named option to begin -- thought process. And finished reboot the system. You may have to download McAfee consumer product removal tool. John. Yes. That's not right. What are completely you know I mean it's always there is watching this in Washington for years -- You can by the entire video on YouTube. That's equity this Thursday remember you can follow us on Twitter at RT are at tech but he. I'm just are not -- did his writers.

Techquity: Facebook chasing Twitter, Google fined

Thursday, Jun 20, 2013 - 04:01

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