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Europe Week Ahead: Bruised investors bid good riddance to Q2

Friday, Jun 21, 2013 - 02:35

June 21 - The second quarter draws to a close, and what a bruising three months it has been for most markets. EU leaders gather as Greece teeters again, and the UK gets a new dose of austerity.

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They're getting what plus this week by the cross market volatility triggered by the Fed. Investors will be hoping for a -- right next week that's the hope at least. But the bond yields and on the world rising there's no guarantee. Next week also draws to a close the second quarter up. And has been -- European stocks stunned the first quarter and fourth and goal will have its most quotes and over fifty years. Uncertainty and volatility likely to be the name of the game for some time to come source said what products head of investments at standard life. Think we have to make a big differentiation between where different economies are on this column I think -- resulting from the very different place. From Japan -- make sure this point -- time from China does indeed from the US. So it's not one policy fit so prescription. And I think sent -- is is gonna -- a very different sets of market outcomes as a result. Do you illegals governor in Brussels on Thursday and Friday with economic policy and job creation the top items on the official agenda. BC's senior political jets are on the unofficial agenda though with the government of -- summer last night hanging on a Wafer thin majority. A left wing party today pulling out of the coalition amid mounting controlled -- over the fate of the country's public -- custom. Germany dominates the years on dates account the next week Monday's before and that is expected to be a real mixed bag. The current conditions numb but expected to head lower again but the forward looking at expectations index may have higher. Later in the week unemployment and consumer sentiment numbers expected to hold steady while retail sales mean at least move back into positive territory in the month. Elsewhere in the region would cut for friends business climate figures on Tuesday no change expected in June. Meanwhile Wednesday is the big day here in London finance minister George -- on. The announcement comes -- that a spate of better than expected economic data out of the UK but that doesn't seem to be feeding through into government financings. Figures out today showing another rise and government borrowing and -- the Osbourne will set tied for the cost of public spending. The Bank of England due to give us this latest financial stability to -- on the same day also keep an eye out for UK final first quarter GDP numbers it on Thursday. -- a look ahead to next week's market moving events I'm -- gave up. This is --

Europe Week Ahead: Bruised investors bid good riddance to Q2

Friday, Jun 21, 2013 - 02:35

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