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In Brazil, protests lose their leaders – Rough Cuts

Friday, Jun 21, 2013 - 02:12

What began as anti-transit fare demonstrations turned so violent that the initial organizers have walked away, leaving open the question of who will lead, and when will the riots end? Asher Levine reports from Sau Paulo.

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The protests in Brazil which started. Basically. A group of left wing activists called we -- it. They don't have an official -- each member team to represent him. Quicker. It basically it is street. -- Trying to fight again. You can hear the blocked out some major highways and we keep it pretty heavy police response in return what happened ways. A lot of scenes of violence that work. Splashed across the news every year and the Brazilian population saw that in. Relative leave it disgusted -- he's probably the -- four. Public decide to to the streets in solidarity. Would start off as originally. Peaceful protest at expanded in Q violent protest. And he did leading and crime. Across Brazil we've spoken to leaders from the free -- movement which started this entire protest their belief is that. That the protesters have. Gone to a to a place where they shouldn't have gone which is now violent. They've decided not to call anymore protest in their name. But at this point they feel that it. To some degree out of their hands. That the protest movement continues. Based on on the actions of other groups that -- -- call people into the streets. Peter's thinking about these protests is that you don't have a clear goal in mind and they got a clear leader. That the government can negotiate with. Basically to grievances of the population. Run -- -- from corruption. To poor public services. The crime support public transportation. And people are coming on the street really. As an expression of -- and frustration with what -- he has the difficulties like Brazil. Or Reuters Patrick would be well.

In Brazil, protests lose their leaders – Rough Cuts

Friday, Jun 21, 2013 - 02:12

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