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Europe Day Ahead: Bonjour tristesse (again) for bankers?

Monday, Jun 24, 2013 - 02:57

June 24 - Bank bailouts are the focus of the IIF Spring conference in Paris. Plus peripheral debt auctions, and French business confidence seen edging higher.

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The very -- control is miners indeed it's humbling European stocks on Monday. -- stocks fifty volatility index hitting a nine month high. As -- -- -- pressed about Chinese I could see the outlook -- tennis like Wheldon your status to break any banking and pass. Thank -- as the focus of choose days I am I -- spring conference in Paris. You minute does have until later this week to reach a deal should hate when a bank fails. But Johnny and all the sudden all the hands on how much leeway to get countries but in pacing losses on -- hold -- -- statements. IT's friend Kenny is skeptical any deal helped to cut the rise in peripheral bond yields. But out of banking union or even fiscal union in the eurozone we're still gonna have this uncertainty. I'm I would still expect that there will be problems with -- coming down the line. The take yes for seeing peripheral bond -- starting to. To raise our raise a little bit. And I'm not is obviously -- going to be a significant problem at the for the most part I think -- Ernie 2014 look at -- of growth but it won't be dancing to write home about. Don't -- coverage from the high high -- conference on inside I'm Reuters dot com we'll get the industry's perspective. On the -- -- he should anchor recipes plus. We'll have exclusive entities with all that ECB president Clinton's own code trichet and EU competition commissioner yet he Omnia. The gates appetite for peripheral debt and choose date if you auctions to -- is there a coupon and inflation linked bonds. While staying issues three and nine month treasury bills. Peripheral yields continue to climb today with -- Spanish to -- and moving beyond two and a half percent for the first time since months. And it's Spain's economy minister warned second quarter GDP will be close to not before returning to growth in Q3. Any UKB debt management office launches a new 55 DA -- by a banking syndicate on Tuesday. The July 2060 guilt will be the low skilled and they issues. Other data points on some -- agenda brings business confidence do you at 745 BST. We they Reuters poll indicating sentiment edged higher in June. Apple is last week's warning from EU finance ministers. To rebound pensions and cut labor costs in the country and a chance at getting longer to shrink the budget deficits. Ankle britney's Ashton medical Diego down -- the -- of -- cook put his money where has nothing is. And invest millions to buy apple options for immunity issued shares in RCS media group. That would greatly increased his state giving him and not just say and the group's business plan and even possibly its editorial contents. I'm not -- -- accused say I'm I'm seeing all this is what is.

Europe Day Ahead: Bonjour tristesse (again) for bankers?

Monday, Jun 24, 2013 - 02:57

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