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Techquity: Plot twist at Netflix, Blackberry embraces iPhone

Tuesday, Jun 25, 2013 - 03:09

Jun 25 - Netflix suffers a downgrade while Blackberry provides support for companies whose employees use iPhones and Android phones.

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-- plot twist for Netflix. The darling of the S&P 500 now taken down and not by Bernstein research. The basketball -- in the indexes the hair cut to under perform. -- that the stock price has unrealistic expectations built it. Like Netflix having at least fifty million US streaming subscribers went 43 million is more plausible. The research company also believes Netflix -- opportunity overseas but smaller than first meets the high. And Bernstein he's volatility for the shares over the next two quarters until subscriber growth begins to slow. It actually raised its price target to a 180 dollars which is still more than 10% below where the stock trades. Blackberry is not running away from all those iphones and galaxy devices in the workplace. The former Smartphone leader has come out with -- and that's to try to compete. And how is offering something else security. It's launching a new service today called secure workspace. It helps government and corporate clients secure and manage their data on devices running on Apple's IOS and Google's Android operating system. This way Blackberry can play a role in the workplace when it phones art. Blackberry is betting that it can gain revenues from offering this high margin service for competitors Smartphones. As the saying goes if you can't beat them join them. Research in Motion shares are up nearly 2% today on the NASDAQ. Looked out for its quarterly results on Friday. Do you think you can get anywhere -- for Barnes & Noble and it's not. Barnes & Noble reported a fourth quarter loss of almost 119. Million dollars which more than doubled from a year ago. Leading the plot is -- -- business which includes devices an. 34%. Down. To stop these losses aren't the noble will now produced and markets tablets in partnership with the consumer electronics maker we wonder who. But Barnes & Noble will still make its. Barnes & Noble may still be a lot in prison punishment. Shares are down more than 50% above their 52 week low of eleven dollars and change hit in September. -- and sputtering time first sorry if pandora the number of its US listeners cruising along and cars stop two and a half million. Suggesting it's one more customers from traditional broadcasters. Shares up 6% today. Sputtering out of control is demand media the e-commerce company -- website -- how live strong and cracked. It cut its second quarter revenue forecast and actually withdrew its 2013 estimates shares down 21%. That's equity this Tuesday remember you can follow us on Twitter at -- TER at equity. I'm just for not -- it is writers.

Techquity: Plot twist at Netflix, Blackberry embraces iPhone

Tuesday, Jun 25, 2013 - 03:09

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