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Carnegie Mellon robots aim to please

Wednesday, Jun 26, 2013 - 03:14

June 26 - Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are designing modern day butlers - service robots that will one day help people with tasks like fetching coffee and cleaning up the kitchen. Ben Gruber has more.

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-- -- -- His eyes this is hurt he's a Butler. CE OK it's. Herb is the creation of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University we're developing a range of service robots ready to lend a helping hand. He's equipped with -- an array of sensors that allow him to collect data about the environment around him. Project scientist because -- duties as it's her ability to sense his surroundings that sets him apart by and large he's designs that. He can see the same things you do and he can move the same things that you did. That he can work in the same places that you do. To make this possible group's electronic brain has been programs with -- -- computer algorithms that give him the ability to accomplish tasks using its arms and hands. So that's a lot of what we've research here at the lab is how to take this human world and sort of decomposing and break it down and defining it in a way that a robotics system can understand and work with. And well below so -- professor of computer scientist developing another type of service robot called -- bunt a machine designed to capitalize on its limitations. We have to accept that integral what's happening patients and I cannot stop by Kucinich and wade went in fifty -- that all -- -- about an old -- but it is that working. To actually reach my goal of having robots that move around into the link. If possible. So let's change the paradigm and let's accept that they haven't the patience but I don't want to be supervising them. So the question became how the debate acknowledged there probably need patience and passed the house. Below so program -- but to be inquisitive. Like her whole body uses its sensors to get around. Linked to the university's Wi-Fi system and armed with the maps of the buildings the robot can be tasked to go to any point to run an errant. But unlike her -- but doesn't have arms and hands. So what it needs to get to another floor of it politely asks for someone to press the elevator buttons. And if there's no went to help cull but how. It sends a quick email to let its owners know that -- stuck. Below so says -- bond also likes using the Internet to figure out problems such as the time she asked to robot to -- some chocolate. Even if he said no I'm not saying about chocolate. Those action the ticket with. And -- and and guess what the brilliant having happened in -- is 85%. Beautiful both below so and Velika -- it will take many years of research before fully capable service robots reach commercial viability. They say they're robots we'll get more sophisticated with time. -- on the other hand is anxious to get his career started especially after watching the latest season of his favorite show. Have you even seen --

Carnegie Mellon robots aim to please

Wednesday, Jun 26, 2013 - 03:14

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