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Immigration reform's new GOP pitchman: Paul Ryan

Wednesday, Jun 26, 2013 - 02:51

With passage in the Senate a done deal, immigration reform’s future in the House may depend on Paul Ryan. Last year’s GOP VP candidate has emerged as a key player selling reluctant House conservatives on a “path to citizenship” for millions of illegal immigrants.

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They're basically. Key guiding principles number one it's an economic security issue and a national security issues that the status quo simply is unsustainable. If the immigration bill can pass in the US house of reps that I think affairs of the Paul Ryan hopes to be. Thank you voice in the immigration debate. We've had plenty of waves of immigration that have always been met with resistance in the past. But we have a system that here's the rule of law if we have a system that we are facing confidence and -- that is a system that we can regenerate ourselves and get. -- What's been sort of a game changers report showing that these immigration bill would help lower the deficit and give a boost the economy Ryan has been the face of the Republican effort. To reduce the deficit this is what Paul Ryan has been all about as chairman of the house budget committee to the speaker of the house John Boehner. Paul Ryan's got Boehner is blessing the holder of difficulties. Listening sessions were a small group of house Republicans get together and Paul Ryan's been attending these sessions thank and applaud or. Immigration reform Ryan has been a favorite of the Tea Party. Simply because he's led the charge on reducing the size of government generally taken the Tea Party as opposed the immigration reform. The Tea Party don't like the pathway to citizenship they hear that. It would amount to amnesty for lawbreakers and just bring in. Attract more illegal immigrants but the Paul Ryan of the mind that the pathway to citizenship. Would help make undocumented immigrants a productive part of the American way of life. I would I would debate anybody who tries to suggest that these ideas that are moving through congress our industry they're not. Amnesty is. You wiping the slate clean and not paying -- not paying any penalty for having done something wrong this could take is on his fifteen years of a person aspires to become a citizen. That is not in this. Paul Ryan has also pragmatic. And he sees the economic good of comprehensive immigration reform. And it's not just the Ph.D. computer you know engineer which is very important. They produce jobs and growth it's the dairy farmer must Wisconsin -- -- labor it's the manufacturer there's there are pockets in this sector of this slow economy that you really need work in labor. Right now you have up to eleven million undocumented immigrants. That's a lot of people not paying taxes and trying to make the case if you pass the bill they would immediately receive temporary legal status. And it off or start paying taxes. And that's a lot of money right there. Last election Hispanics voted 71%. For Obama over Romney and Paul Ryan. If he's gonna run again for higher office is gonna wanna be able to get Hispanic votes. So that's that's an incentive for mr. Ryan stepped up and help on that front.

Immigration reform's new GOP pitchman: Paul Ryan

Wednesday, Jun 26, 2013 - 02:51

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