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Techquity: Apple may follow Microsoft's lead, says analyst

Thursday, Jun 27, 2013 - 03:39

June 27 - How Apple's latest operating system could push iPhone users to upgrade like Microsoft's product refreshes have pushed consumers to buy newer PCs.

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If apple kind of be like Microsoft. Sounds crazy but analysts assess the -- thinks so they see the performance -- iPhone four and five potentially suffering. Once users are allowed to upgrade to the new Iowa seven in the fall. The new operating system is more graphics intensive which could impact the performance of legacy phones. This may push users to upgrade to iPhone 5 -- in the same way newer versions of windows tablet PC users to purchase new hardware. For now -- behind is cutting its price target from 480 dollars to 440. As a -- iphones coming in September rather than July. It also sees Apple's selling more lower cost devices including a -- lower priced iPhone. Shares down fractionally today below 400 dollars. Apple is reportedly considering a lower cost iPhone to -- emerging markets as a Smartphone market in the developed world has become saturated. It wants to capitalize on the growing consumer class and places like China. New research from. It looks good business to consumer e-commerce sales. Consumers in Asia Pacific we'll make up 13 of all online purchases sincere about 389. Billion dollars. Which China represented about half of this. North American consumers are in first place. These two regions are expected to flip places and 2014. With sales in Asia Pacific topping 500 billion. With North America coming in a close second. That's what less than half of Internet users in Asia Pacific actually making purchases on line. These consumers are getting more comfort coupled with Internet purchases over time. As he marketers -- the percentage of Chinese consumers taking the buying plunged rising. More than 70% by 2017. Near where it sees US consumers. Samsung may be ready for the wild but the world's not ready just yet for Samsung. Samsung launching today its first in -- all LE DTV. OLED is organic light emitting die a technology. These fancy words mean it's supposed to give you the most crisp picture quality best TV viewing experience and that car helps you to be one with your TV. Industry experts believe this new type of TV will be the next big thing. But several years into the future these TVs are super costly like thirteen thousand each and complex for -- to manufacture. They're having production challenges only three out of ten of these 55 inch Samsung bad -- actually work. So they may not -- family rooms are Samsung's -- anytime soon. Up parent IPOs are soaring and sputtering today. We start with CDW which sells tech products online and through its catalog. It priced at seventeen dollars and traded as high as eighteen and changed. Before losing it that are around but it still up about 8%. Tremor video is sputtering and trembling. -- an online video advertising provider. It priced at ten dollars rose above eleven. But is now below its offer price the company expects to tap into the growing demand for placing ads in video clips. It competes with FaceBook and Google. That's equity this Thursday remember you can follow us on Twitter at our teams are -- equity I'm just were not back. This is Reuters.

Techquity: Apple may follow Microsoft's lead, says analyst

Thursday, Jun 27, 2013 - 03:39

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