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Pleas for calm after Egypt violence

Saturday, Jun 29, 2013 - 01:52

June 29 - Egypt in turmoil after further deadly clashes which have sparked warnings of civil war. Paul Chapman reports.

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Rally and counter rally went on into the night, thousands in a show of support for Egypt's president, thousands demanding his resignation. These were the scenes in the Nasser City neighbourhood of Cairo. The demonstrators say President Mohamed Mursi's opponents should fight through the ballot box (SOUNDBITE)(Arabic) SELIM, PROTESTER, SAYING: "We're protesting to re-affirm that we are peaceful and to re-affirm the legitimacy of President Mursi and the elections. Whoever wants to bring in a president should do so through elections. They have millions supporting them? There are elections. We've had five and every time we beat them . This proves that we are honourable and true sons of Egypt." In Tahrir Square thousands of anti-Mursi protesters called for him to step down. (SOUNDBITE)(Arabic) AMAL AHMED, SAYING: "He gave a speech to tell us what he's done in his year in office. But there's no petrol, our car is parked at home. The lights cut out every day and our children can't study. There's no water either - maybe one day he'll make us drink only a sip of water. That's what the Muslim Brotherhood has done to the country. So I had to come out today. Every Egyptian who fears for the country has to come out and protest." The ruling Muslim Brotherhood said eight of its offices were attacked on Friday including this one in Alexandria. Three people were killed in the attacks, one of them an American man using a camera. An explosion during a protest in Port Said claimed another life and wounded at least 10 other people. Leading clerics have warned of civil war after a spate of violence in the past week which has led to several deaths and hundreds of injuries. Huge demonstrations are expected on Sunday as Mursi marks a year to the day since he came into office.

Pleas for calm after Egypt violence

Saturday, Jun 29, 2013 - 01:52

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