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Breakingviews: Nokia gets options on Siemens buyout

Monday, Jul 01, 2013 - 04:35

July 1 - Nokia buys Siemens out of their joint venture for a bargain €1.7 bln. This deal will shore Nokia up while it struggles with smartphones, argues Breakingviews.

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So well why Nokia's chief Siemens plan gives it options Chris Hughes size going to spread and use the media editor joins you this year. Does this was a -- -- sore from an analyst. From but unseen with this transaction Nokia buy itself future. Some things are pretty desperate and that's the second things like that right. It finds itself another possible -- -- that this is this is. Above all with -- like a good deal financially. What the analysts there's driving. Is additional. Strategic benefits that -- Look at the former socialize for us says throughout the success across from today. Analysts -- this that these Nokia's share of this telecoms equipment. And some -- to us about three billion that managed to buy it for warm point seven what's more Siemens which is I'm going there is provided them with some financing to help them -- it. So all this idea that the that really that the district appears to be focused on with the appear on the kind of operational slide on the -- -- this and they try to do a good deal. And then the question is what does that Aristide to further -- -- strategic. Benefits now. This this network. Unit has been a bit of a funny one of Nokia. It will all this to be part of our activities to restructure -- a lot of -- is gone. Since suddenly it's is no longer I'll -- talking now it's actually quite a nice little business. And so it does actually give Nokia. He in it's overview of possible particularly if they could -- to be the main business. The -- -- -- nice to the business and Villa near nice little business to Nokia because you know and and and maybe this is too cynical. Is this. -- yet another. Step along that. Step for step up of admissions that the small from businesses fat or at least cannot compete with the likes of apple and so -- some -- I used to -- -- writes off. And his small offering for Bashir has struggled. It put a lot of store all on the success of the windows 80 produces more troops overseas and the Oakland as well as -- and but this often thought they are very very contest when market. -- While you do get in the entrenched positions that come and Andrew for some time. Ultimately if you come along with. Pretty good technology. The right price -- the consumer can be very fickle so I wouldn't -- -- market just yet but as you say. If the Nokia. Fight back if if that's the right word for it and Smartphones and really doesn't know. Succeed. At least they have this business and market. I'm Steve and you know pat was given what two years more than two years ago to sentencing around. It's been pretty -- for him when you look at the ship us a camera about 7% today on the back of this. Can say that. This still laden. -- -- said he had -- mean as you say. Investors have been very impatient for. Funds of turnaround but not here. It's they have been moments where we thought okay. This the new devious smile from pretty airtight coffin it's it's actually struggled. The the old feet -- and this is the homeless than non smoking -- us. -- in the -- far from people fools say. He's an -- how. We whatever we want to do that in the new -- -- often. Why it was magnificent but he's just have the island I'm not a -- and I thought I abided by whatever is best for him. -- -- -- -- It might in the Hitler did something in my beautiful but the young. The difficulty though is that's I'm. He still hasn't delivered the decisive turn around and local businesses. I didn't. Would be surprised to shareholders once it's the least they both companies for the by having. The management trains. Right now. Especially off the office does that to buy some some time whether they say some rules. -- for a tip many thanks Chris Chris Hughes from android is breaking news if you wanna watch your show. That's on every -- told authorities to 1730 GMT. I'm axle problems is rice's.

Breakingviews: Nokia gets options on Siemens buyout

Monday, Jul 01, 2013 - 04:35

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