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New face of the £10 note: Splashers & Savers

Monday, Jul 01, 2013 - 01:22

July 1 - Mark Carney’s first job is choosing who’ll grace the new £10 note. Mervyn King might favour Jane Austen, but which of the women-only candidates managed their money the wisest? Amy Gardner reports.

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He should replace Charles Stalin on the back to -- bids -- ten pound -- outgoing governor mapping kings hints that Jane -- make the luckiest claims the bank take. The -- to the women any candidates has the best money management skills. Austin's top setting novels if Kendrick getting -- and unusual independence but time. But have breakfast -- that the family in debt and -- Elizabeth -- might have been tempted I missed the dust is 101000 pounds again. -- herself refused to marry for money. The -- to stay single veto of the suffered jets it's sunlight the Yemeni and kind of test would have had a giant bank accounts. Thanks largely to -- women now makeup -- CEK wet clothes. -- they still ran around 14% less than men from humble beginnings as a racist -- -- a prime minister at. BI and they. Whether they he thinks she rescued Britain's sluggish economy or destroyed 15% to its industrial base but it depends on your political bias. The inventors of -- -- the spice -- rates it said adding up to 75 million dollars -- it. Pushed by state is the richest of the five. Big target back and designer fashion label has helped to build a -- a fourteen with a cool fifty million pounds. Any continent right since.

New face of the £10 note: Splashers & Savers

Monday, Jul 01, 2013 - 01:22

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