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Techquity: Analysts praise Apple, see Pandora like Netflix

Monday, Jul 01, 2013 - 03:34

Jul 1 - Analysts praise, raise ratings on Apple. Plus, how one sees Pandora as similar to Netflix.

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Palpable letting their voices be heard. -- capital IQ reiterating its strong bio on the stock the move follows reports from Reuters and other. That apple applied what trademark for I watch in Japan last month. And apple spokesperson was unavailable for comment. Analyst Scott Kessler said the watch would help the company re establish itself as a global innovation leader. Raymond James meanwhile upgrading the stock from outperform to strong buy and keeping it 600 dollar price target. It sees limited downside to this -- at the card price it also sees apple benefited from what it calls. Phase two of the mobile computing revolution. The expansion of chips that operating systems and apps and cars watches and other devices. -- having their best day in months of more than 3% -- 410. Apple used to be an MD of the tech world consumers working its products competitors could only dream of having that low eleven and eight. Analysts and investors marveled at its stock performance. Has that sports now have to Netflix August at least got debit invoking the video streaming service and is now operating pandora calling it. But Netflix. Radio. He says both have developed high quality products that have disrupted multi billion dollar industries with large slow to adapt incumbent players. And all that long term possibility. That we enhanced distribution and international expansion. Debit raising his rating on pandora to overweight and giving it a 24 dollar price target shares up about 5% above ninety bucks. The stock hasn't exactly had a smooth ride since going public in 2011. But nothing like the moves Netflix has made the past years. So -- -- -- hope it doesn't really act like Netflix in that respect. Networking equipment stepping up to be on new hot industry. Best of the rest Nokia in the latest Smartphone maker to take a big leap into the growing market. Today it said it would pay 2.2. Billion dollars to buy out Siemens AG's. Share of its equipment joint venture that was shift some of its focus to four G network technology from the saturated Smartphone market. So which has -- that market is also trying to grow its -- equipment business. It's co CEO say the network gear effect it was one of them -- fastest growing businesses. Nokia won't just have to fight that that question either. Big network plans to while away an -- and also in the race Nokia shares up 4% on the acquisition news. Sorry and sputtering time our look at movers first story is best -- Credit Suisse impressed with his talk about effort. And the decision to let Samsung and Microsoft. One apple boutique within their stores shares up 8% to their highest level in two years on the analysts outperform rating. Sputtering is InterDigital. The international trade commission is probably technology. Nokia and GTE. Did not violate cell phone patents owned by InterDigital and a preliminary decision. Shares down 12%. And that's equity this Monday remembered -- I was there on our equity. And we didn't. Do it.

Techquity: Analysts praise Apple, see Pandora like Netflix

Monday, Jul 01, 2013 - 03:34

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