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Breakingviews: Banks weathering the storm?

Tuesday, Jul 02, 2013 - 03:24

July 2 - Jeffrey Goldfarb and Antony Currie discuss upcoming second-quarter results for the world's biggest banks and whether they can keep up with the volatility.

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Will start to get ready for bank earnings right now and volatility is the watch -- -- makers looking at everything going on there. Tell us about that if you base it on them Jefferies results. It's banned state they reported they they and they of course Renault and may just amount will be able Wednesday. It's smaller firm but still it's a lot of fun and you're doing so they -- -- -- -- that April was it was it wasn't too good for them as if you think about what's been happening. Bond yields and when he made that much until May. And it was the energy and thankful that says -- a.'s current CIA. The woman full mister Grice said that she did bull market bones is -- Well everybody has been out there. Talking it up a -- -- -- everyone else is -- you know quarter outlook and Jefferson that I results of that and trained and 27% on last same period last year. But at what -- -- a right content Jenkins of it is the most cynic unease the chicken little guys open and -- conferences saying. You were holding up pretty well. Why is that the -- the volatility Bennett good thing for them play some respects and they've they've got seat -- and -- say even in the middle of may -- mobile -- With 1015% -- must ultimately announced this thing for -- he wasn't good comparison. And yet that's still up -- what this is this sounds pretty -- out because well we have a lot of IPOs. There's a lot of a lot of people -- trading obviously running for the hills they are trading was in the first government's quota genius like getting a bit messy but. When you get people thinking -- -- run for the hills like he sets and there was like. Eighteen billion also about placing bond funds in this in this in the second court. In the US -- set back -- -- at putting money at which means if you have if you -- on investment you make money and also because -- is that you can probably. Sable the bit office principle will pay to buy old pay -- it would take up against. Is why does he make a bit more money if you well positioned but we're also heading into appeared where we think there's going to be a lot of monetary policy kind of uncertainty more volatility. But that's not necessarily. More good for not exactly so what banks want is for bullets and -- -- allow investors to feel they have to do something. When votes at least investigate -- it's on the sidelines to invest in banks unsurprisingly suffer right side of the Miami if the trading is the big thing that's with 5060% revenue annually comes. Underestimate and and a equities and debt underwriting has been pretty good for the first time for the in the second quarter is a great month a great mountains of me I think. Ferret Jon bones in the especially structured products to come back see a lot of observing was during. Pretty well -- difficulty generating. -- that we've we've had announced that money's gone down my math in -- in the second quarter and -- IPOs start to have sort of a stuttering a bit Brazil bases clintons present China's said no -- -- a -- a few months now. Much markets has been tricky. We got a couple of -- has been that we -- -- -- -- -- Newman/Haas couple -- on going up -- -- -- It's bushel on us doing it but certainly it would get into some it only slows down. If and this is still feel a little bit and insecure about what the Fed is trying to dual multi right and they may well think you know what would you sit out the next couple months -- -- continues and as for investment banks -- stop thinking about cutting costs we will leave it there O'Keefe about what kind of ultimately it will get and we'll be back with more breaking news tomorrow.

Breakingviews: Banks weathering the storm?

Tuesday, Jul 02, 2013 - 03:24

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