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Rough Cuts

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood “steeling itself for a fight”

Tuesday, Jul 02, 2013 - 02:39

Supporters of Egypt's Islamist President Mohammed Mursi have formed militias and say they’re willing to die for him, says Eric Trager of the Washington Institute. He spoke to Reuters from Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

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In the past few months. He got a condition in Egypt have deteriorated they actually but there are long gas lines. The elite power outages. -- include rights did. And that ball up and -- in the contact. They mother brother dominate government that period -- cracked down on this very. And that had beaten me quite what exactly but the combination. Of political. And economic daily living grievances. Dad are bringing people how did this straight -- at the -- Put -- they put that at fourteen million. I was six inch hole percentage of the country they include street thought that that why Morton is in trouble because you have that number of people in the street. The military. After response. No carrier remember is the one functioning institution. Remaining in the country -- all the control. Financial economic resource it now I do not think the military intends to govern -- that want the government. But he he knows that it will happen that and it appeared that there -- open and they're letting the ball into. Stomach and your military court because quote the implement. We're largely support the brotherhood. And the opposition. Are looking for the military at the umpire and that can go up. Right now the military appears to be a bit -- but it. Didn't if you can stepping in but that same time understand that the status quo -- -- able I would. Pat rob all of the. We earlier today that is the site in northern Cairo where he Muslim Brotherhood is holding its major drug that. Let me tell you that -- Muslim Brotherhood. You definitely -- wait for a fight they are organizing their people. In what looks to be amateurish militias. Carrying iron barred woody club. And -- helmet and they were running around at about noon information and apparently preparing for possible -- is. That you day. -- bed -- -- that they are willing to die. To protect the heat that can speak for the court earlier today mother brother leader until I eat at the local brother should be willing to die. To protect president more -- though know what you think that Morsi. What will not terribly goal will go easily. The current. Standoff it. You've been extremely dangerous and -- and that very and that the very reason that unites states to be extremely engaged and trying to calm the tensions.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood “steeling itself for a fight”

Tuesday, Jul 02, 2013 - 02:39

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