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Techquity: Zynga's product issues, former Groupon CEO sings

Tuesday, Jul 02, 2013 - 03:49

Jul 2 - Zynga makes management change but analysts say it has other problems. Plus, former Groupon CEO Andrew Mason releases an album and we have a sample.

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-- has the new box. Or does it mark Pincus -- the CEO reins to Don an -- head of Microsoft Xbox division. Take -- will remain chairman and chief product officer and retains 61% voting control how much power he's actually giving up is unclear. His move out of the corner office giving that stock a lift for the second straight day. Shares up about 5% today after -- roughly 10% Monday. But still down more than 60%. From the ten dollar price that before going public in late when he allowed it. Think his business relies heavily on selling virtual goods to gamers on FaceBook but began to dry out you just got tired of the games and shifted to playing on wall -- -- -- Analysts generally viewing this -- changes positive. Goldman Sachs called Don -- for a strong addition to think that leadership but says business had went our substantial and pose a significant challenge. Sterne Agee -- Patrick has the right experience the seizing of issues as probably related not leadership track. What Google does apple or is it the other way around and what apple does Google about. Apple announcing plans to build a solar farms to power its new data center in Reno Nevada. At the end -- may. Google that it was investing in solar power plants in South Africa. The two companies are neck in neck spending about one billion dollars each on renewable energy projects. Apple and other technology companies like Amazon and Microsoft have come under criticism for high consumption of electricity at their data centers. The explosion of the Internet and more wild drive Apple's made for more data centers. The company has committed that all of that data -- we use a 100% renewable energy. This latest solar plant in Nevada might just help apple inch. Headed Google in the clean energy race. Apple shares up 2% today your 420 dollars. Google down fractionally today -- up about 25%. So far in 2013. In the global race for Smartphones where we don't act. Highest market is saturated so apple Samsung and others are fighting their way downstream. Even the small guys want a piece of the action. My Villa launching a new ball in Spain running its new Firefox operating system. The phone has basic features three half inch screen and is intuitive to use. Catering towards first time Smartphone buyers in emerging markets like Spain Poland Colombia and -- Zell. Where many people rain policy that actually board. So anyone tell you there's no life after running attack company. Some -- want to pursue humanitarian and Philanthropic endeavors like Bill Gates. And some going to be YouTube sensations like John McAfee who also happens to be a person entrapped in a murder investigation and the Latin American country of -- And attention Mason who made all summer in between remember him. Ousted Groupon CEO was trying is at it being a musician. I'm Melissa. Fast rock opera debut falling out -- hardly work and it's -- stretched. And that seems to be an appropriate title first foray into music. -- former colleagues are probably support -- his new career since he was fired grip on stock has actually doubled in price. That's equity this Tuesday remember you can follow us on Twitter at RTR as equity. I'm just were not backed bit is Ryder.

Techquity: Zynga's product issues, former Groupon CEO sings

Tuesday, Jul 02, 2013 - 03:49

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