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U.S. Morning Call: U.S. car sales to rev up in June

Tuesday, Jul 02, 2013 - 03:39

July 2 - Thomson Reuters IFR says total U.S. auto sales will have hit an annualized pace of 15.5 million in June - the fastest growth since November.

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Did your boarding call for Tuesday American -- gas guzzling machines that today's auto sales numbers for June will prove just how much. -- experts at IFR suggest total auto sales hit an annualized pace a fifteen point five million. That would be the fastest growth since November. The Wall Street Journal reports that Detroit's auto makers are now trying to take made in the USA to other parts of the world. Chrysler hopes to export as many as 500000. Vehicles this year more than doubling it's exports from 2012. The American made cars are going to China Saudi Arabia and South Korea on other markets. Although more cars still come into the US that are exported. Autos make up a small portion of the overall US trade deficit that they have in the past. Just fourteen and a half percent last year down from high 22% in 1980s -- Today's -- data may add to the market's momentum US stock futures point to -- star. Taking on tech stocks Apple's going green joining forces with NB energy to build a new solar farm. That would power a data center in Reno. Its largest data center already runs on renewable energy but apple still been criticized along with Amazon and Microsoft. For its power hungry server farms. Yet another acquisition for Yahoo! is timers and -- scooping up mobile fantasy sports start up. Big -- gains and its founder generation. He's really wants the company to a joint Yahoo!'s team of all stars as he puts it this makes thirteen acquisitions so far this year from there. Got an AC EO founder mark Pincus handing the -- to head of Microsoft's Xbox business dot magic. And -- they need some kind of change the companies lost nearly 50% of its market cap over the past twelve months. In its last results Zynga reported a 20% drop in active users and cut over 500 jobs. Pincus is really going anywhere else stay on as chairman and it's chief product officer. Other stocks were watching today Constellation Brands which will post its first earnings since acquiring the US business of group of Mondello. The quarter's results won't include the deal which closed last month the consolation seems to be on the path for growth. Why have the top ten imported beer brands in the US are Mexican and consolation now get almost as much revenue from beer ads from line. Shares are up more than 150%. Since the beginning of last year. And also keep an -- on Sprint's stock today. Try arrogance got enough to do with this one sprint has to face a lawsuit brought by New York attorney Eric -- and the motion. It's for -- to bill customers from more than 109 dollars in taxes for its wireless services over seven years. The New York attorney general says this was a delay attempt by -- to customers from rivals like AT&T and Verizon. By making its service four point six million dollar cheaper per month. That's victory Tuesday morning call remembered follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider and get more great videos at Reuters dot com slash TV. I'm Lisa Bernhard and.

U.S. Morning Call: U.S. car sales to rev up in June

Tuesday, Jul 02, 2013 - 03:39

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