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Islamists a “wild card” in Egypt’s next phase

Wednesday, Jul 03, 2013 - 02:13

Backers of deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi may feel robbed of a democratic victory after the military ousted Egypt’s Islamist leader, says Eric Trager of the Washington Institute. He spoke to Reuters from Cairo about the prospects for an interim government that excludes the powerful Muslim Brotherhood.

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The new series season target Egypt of course it has appointed. A presidential council but the fact that the military appointed a counsel implied that the the military is really the one holding the cards. I think we're gonna see you is that the military. Will try to move. Into the backdrop of Egyptian politics as soon as possible. All retaining its economy and perhaps give. Slightly more authority to be emerging -- -- beat the political outcome of the political let -- and that will merge. But but you know the fact that that system. Diverts from the military court I think it's likely the military. Could -- intervene I mean you know right now. Egyptian politics -- much influx. We know that the presidential council is that it largely comprised. Individuals from crossing the Egyptian political spectrum. Any its job is to represent the kind of political consensus. -- will move Egypt forward. You know the big question mark right now is now the military. Find room for the opponents because not only do you now have implement. Excluded from politics. Get many diplomats who will inevitably feel. That they have been cheated out of -- Democratic victory that was rightly payers now I want emphasized that. The reason for today's event really had nothing to do -- democracy you're not democracy. Do with the basic reality that the state would collapse -- from under Mohamed Morsi he exerted no control. And whether you have a military crew -- man uprising or some other. Than they were simply no portable way. That he could remain at the president of ninety million people without having any real control over the state. -- -- you know whether this new transition. Can yield stability. Very much remains to be seen and the implement our wildcard.

Islamists a “wild card” in Egypt’s next phase

Wednesday, Jul 03, 2013 - 02:13

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