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Life After the City: Luxury Know-How at Savoir Beds

Wednesday, Jul 03, 2013 - 03:56

July 3 - Former management consultant Alistair Hughes has created a British manufacturing success story making the world’s most expensive beds.

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As the story of a man who tired of life as a management consultant decided to become a bad -- Stay keys quit his emanate advisory job and EEK sample to company. That for the 100 he has a manufactured. -- and it's the London's civilly at a town. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nothing and yet. So I didn't have -- successes that. What I needed off about wars are needed something that I -- bought cheaply and the on felt was that's what's the 2000 pounds courthouse a small factory to full time staff. Some old machinery. And a -- of debt probably thinking wrong. You're inciting or giving up incredibly white well I -- You know you should contact Victoria -- it's. What only thing. But I was a salute the potential for selling his high end luxury product of people who want the best of everything. -- the night's sleep well I'd love was the story the idea that you know. Frank Sinatra with a neat thing in London if he slipped -- one of all thanks. That's -- boy who just some magic stories around the yet that -- so much -- Look she reads these clients no pay as much as 120. Pounds the sample offense fully expect it's handmade by craftsman. Like this pac ten. Former professional pianist TJ brown. They wanna slept in his not. We're good musically in -- from tonight. We threw upwards nice men. TJ and the other craftsman skills. Mean Aniston now counts oligarchs spying because. Wealthy new industrialists. And celebrities. Among his discerning customer base -- the so it was this fails. What you go here three elements that -- that -- didn't use -- -- to do -- with talk for a crisis through -- that you come. You're not sure it's full of course tile and wounded in this case. Underneath that is the not trust the map essentially take -- And thank -- that's what's got the pockets brings in react to -- And make sure you're perfectly supportive. Underneath not as the -- spreading the books -- does the home were tied to what. Can you protect the -- to some extent. Aniston has tons sample up ads into a British manufacturing success story with a turnover of eight million pounds he now employs over 100 staff. Making around a thousand Bennett's -- 55%. Of the product is exported. And he has showrooms in twelve cities around the world. But passed the Korea changed be worth it to really isn't while the talented creative talent it's not signals and -- And it's -- that question possible. People in China. Wanted to Joost it. That's that's today. It right failed to me it does. Thank you -- Which maybe not a very adds its yield business. Consultant in -- as part of life and it seems that Alastair Hughes the decision to choose a life after the city hasn't caused him to many sleepless nights. Not to build it spiral it is.

Life After the City: Luxury Know-How at Savoir Beds

Wednesday, Jul 03, 2013 - 03:56

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