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Techquity: Apple's fashionable move, Samsung and Yahoo deals

Wednesday, Jul 03, 2013 - 02:51

Jul 3 - Apple brings in head of luxury firm. Yahoo buys video app and Samsung purchases Boxee.

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Apple has designs on a special project. The tech company bringing back a former employee with a fashion sense is Paul Burnett who served as C east -- more on the French luxury group he held sales and marketing jobs and apple in Europe in the 1990s. The civil war that special projects and report to CEO Tim Cook. Couldn't be cast the developing and I watched maybe you'll oversee the retail operations shares up fractionally today now about 420 dollars. Marissa -- strategically beefs up Yahoo!'s presence in mobile and video with the latest purchase quickie. Mobile app that allows iPhone users to turn their photos music you into short movies detect while all things these Yahoo! is paying fifteen million dollars. -- quickly turns announcements and do what else. This quickie video party its new owner there has been quickly buying up many small -- rappers like -- since becoming CEO last year. Acquisitions there Harvard -- -- on Yahoo! more competitive against the likes of Google and FaceBook. Quick -- third purchase since may which also saw an unusually big acquisition. One service Tumblr for more than one billion dollars. Investors have been Harding mayor -- being seen you last July Yahoo!'s stock has shot up more than 60%. Goldman Sachs that's why Yahoo! calls ahead of the earnings July 16. -- countered bogeys at the stock's recent underperformance. Has set it up for a possible relief rally if Yahoo! post positive surprise. While today it rose 2%. Samsung also making an acquisition is spot Boxee Israeli start up. Published reports but the price tag of around thirty million that's roughly its current funding total so built low price. Boxing makes the device that lets you stream broadcast TV channels to any device gives unlimited recording space in the -- Story inspiring time our look at movers first soaring arm holdings. UBS analyst upgraded the maker of chips for apple products to buy from neutral saying he expects the company entered networking and micro controller businesses. To cash in on low end Smartphone adoption. Stock closed up 4%. Sputtering is in tropic communications. A maker chips that's for video and brought that multi media said it's cutting about 10% of its workforce. And expecting Q revenue to comment at the low end of its prior forecast shares closed down 4%. And that's tech but he is Wednesday remembering can follow us on Twitter RT -- -- I'm Fred Katayama this is one.

Techquity: Apple's fashionable move, Samsung and Yahoo deals

Wednesday, Jul 03, 2013 - 02:51

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