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Egypt: A Lesson for Political Islam

Thursday, Jul 04, 2013 - 03:01

July 4 - Egypt will be a lesson to Tunisia, Syria and Yemen that progress can only come from giving people a stake in the way their society is run, says Dr. M F Makeen of SOAS University.

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What happened overnight Egypt was historic event. Led the egyptians took to the streets. Are asked then -- tree. To people's affection estrogen. And admitted to listen. Because they deemed it important to listen if what happened yesterday. Was reflecting the will of the people then we cannot treat you differently as -- But rather than revolution that need that. The power of -- mean to support to new head of the constitutional court. Would become the president he would take -- or before the members of the constitutional court. Then two things. Would be. Would take place within the next. I would say you -- for the first would be appointment conviction the second would be amending the constitution. It is it time ball and go back. Because the army statement -- today was talking about and then being their existing constitution that army would have been bad at all. Making it very clear that they suspend the constitution. Was -- union activity by the Muslim Brotherhood to the exclusion of Morse that -- or other segments of society and so it would have been better off promising Egyptian people. In new constitution. From today the army together with the new president. And new cabinet that would be appointed facial you must make sure that no but he excluded from the political forces. And no. Discrimination. Should be these. On. Agenda. For -- religion. And its investigations. That I'm in the team should be. Too deep for the egyptians -- that this is their own country. I think though the best hope for Egyptian economy they have to cut pending Egyptian people. That Egypt. Need. Every single member of society. To become productive again everything and member of society to feel that he or she has this case. In the country. I think -- experiments of the Muslim Brotherhood -- In Egypt that you cannot have one segment of society or one politically popular ones religious beliefs. Trying to impose its winds. On the population. And I think this would be that sent to the comedians as well as -- see Indians as world. And the admin is in the future. That the only way for the country to prove gross. Is not to exclude anybody but rather to give everybody deceiving. That they have little to play in determining the future sequence of it.

Egypt: A Lesson for Political Islam

Thursday, Jul 04, 2013 - 03:01

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