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(Insider trading) rules made to be broken?

Friday, Jul 05, 2013 - 02:13

July 5 - As Ian Hannam, one of London's best-known bankers, appeals an FSA fine for insider dealing, we take a closer look at what constitutes market abuse and whether it can be policed.

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Inside -- today did is that faded on. Information that is not audited disclose to the to the market they decided they didn't -- but he may not expect the first one is that. We need to define what is the insider information. The second one is -- what is the inside and the third two I've visited what he's the the Canadian owned by the information. So stay inside the Canadian is a combination of -- -- main issues. They've done on both cases the threat -- enough birdies and didn't particularly since 2007. When -- to say I was gonna fight in that -- The -- the -- find some of the stuff on them but he's going on. And I'm not always easy kinda the a case of the inside that they did go and also involved votes before I mean do and I remember. Is that hedge fund the the that it. Enough long time ago it was find about seven point two million. -- because they went to Beijing on information that was conveyed by the market before it was that it is was it. It is very difficult although that would sound bad but given the complexity of decline in the inside information. For the third the inside of themselves and also the fighting in of that today it's. It's very difficult to it to enforce them. So even if auto companies themselves they could. As states for example the not to the minute of it discos together -- -- inside is the managing inside the that accompany those managers can get to not in agreement from the board of dot activists who today don't. To send off to buy some laws this year -- in that company and that for the fight that they obvious. Possibility up to get into it the big event of the board and to to go and that they -- makes it that the bid. They cannot by busing them all but then again the board that is it is -- to be responsive to see instead of the individual himself or herself being irresponsible between -- Much more that is possibly detail of the board that they get. Taken the bought into talks would be much more complex.

(Insider trading) rules made to be broken?

Friday, Jul 05, 2013 - 02:13

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