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New shootings in Cairo reported

Monday, Jul 08, 2013 - 01:48

July 8 - Medical sources say at least 15 killed in Cairo shootings. Paul Chapman reports

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Scenes of chaos at a Cairo field hospital after at least 15 people were killed near the building where Egypt's deposed president Mohamed Mursi is being held. Medical sources say the victims were Mursi supporters and included some children. His backers, the Muslim Brotherhood said at least 37 were killed. The Egyptian military said a 'terrorist group' had tried to storm the building and that one army officer was killed and 40 others wounded. But some of those undergoing hospital treatment said soldiers and police had opened fire. (SOUNDBITE)(Arabic) UNIDENTIFIED WOUNDED MAN SAYING: "The people who were firing the most were the military. The police were also firing but the military were firing more. We've been betrayed as though it's the military of the Jews. I saw them with my own eyes." There were more clashes on Sunday as rival supporters and opponents of Egypt's ousted president turned out in their thousands in Alexandria. There were no immediate reports of casualties. At least 35 people died in violence during Friday and Saturday across the country. Those who back the military's removal of Mursi from power are insisting it's not a coup. (SOUNDBITE)(English) JIHAN AL-MASRY, PROTESTER, SAYING: "I'd like to say this is not a coup d'etat, it's the freedom of the Egyptian people. We decided that we didn't want Mursi any more so please don't attack out army. It's our freedom and our army only backed us up." In Cairo thousands of anti-Mursi protesters packed Tahrir Square late into Sunday night. But there's no end in sight to the deadlock over the choice of interim prime minister. The Islamist Nour party which signed up to the army's roadmap for political reform said on Facebook it was withdrawing from all talks in response to Monday's shootings.

New shootings in Cairo reported

Monday, Jul 08, 2013 - 01:48

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