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Techquity: Apple narrows gap with Google, Intel's PC pain

Monday, Jul 08, 2013 - 03:59

July 8 - Apple cutting deficit with Android while Intel suffers a downgrade.

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Apple narrowing the gap with Google. New data from -- world panel context shows iPhone sales in the US rising while sales of android phones have leveled off. For march April may of this year vs the same three months a year ago. Apple's IOS market share has risen to nearly 42%. From 38% and point while android up just 110 during that time. Cancer attribute the gains partly for the release of iPhone on T-Mobile. It -- it devices are tracking first time Smartphone buyers so there actually are few of those left for the handset makers to fight for. Apple shares down fractionally today near 415. Dollars Google Talk about 1% moving back above 900 dollars. Now you can find out who among your FaceBook friends living in New York City has like the minions from the movie despicable me two. Face that began rolling out its grass search tool that'll -- to find answers to specific queries like that the people pictures places or things that your friends like. FaceBook refined the beta version it released a big fan -- in January and is making available several hundred million users. As it becomes more easy to find -- search could raise privacy concerns. One place you can't find it is on your Smartphone even though that's how a lot of people use FaceBook. Facebook's stock rising more than one and a half percent today although it's still trading below its fifty day moving average. As for my search turned up only one friend like that. Yes both my -- are too old alike let them like six year old line. In our best for the rest today Intel Evercore Partners cutting it's rating and price target on the semiconductor company. If -- PC business shrinking more than expected and things Intel's higher prices are unsustainable. The workers also think that chip -- movement tablets and other devices more hurt. It's PC business. -- dropping it felt underweight from equal weight it lowered its earnings forecast for 2013 and when he fourteen and trimmed its price target. To twenty dollars from 22. Shares down more than 3% today trading above all 22 dollar target. Michael -- one surprise vote of confidence. The influential shareholder advisory firm Institutional Shareholder Services indoors the bid by dale and his backers silverlight management. But the computer maker he founded now just last week the reports have indicated that I -- that's would likely support the rival bid by billionaire Carl Icahn. And southeastern asset management. Basically eyes that went for what it sees as -- think forbid even though it offers less money. Dell's thirteen dollar 55 cent offer is less than icons fourteen dollars but -- all cash. -- -- recommendation is Michael -- less reason to up the Yankees. Dell stock shot up nearly 3% on the news it's up 29% this year fueled by the bids but it's trading at less than 14 of its all time peak. Shareholders vote on the dueling -- rebel on July 18. Soaring inspiring time our look at movers first The travel booking website getting a boost for Morgan Stanley. Which raises stock rating to overweight thing -- while position with competitors and shares are on the path to 1000 dollars. -- -- up 3% to 882. Sputtering is -- software technologies the maker of workforce management software cut its full year revenue forecast. Its customers are shifting to a subscription based offering faster than anticipated which is lower upfront costs stocks down 11%. And that's equity this Monday remembering can follow us on Twitter. At RT RS technically I'm Fred Katayama and this is what.

Techquity: Apple narrows gap with Google, Intel's PC pain

Monday, Jul 08, 2013 - 03:59

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