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Techquity: Goldman sees less green at Big Blue

Tuesday, Jul 09, 2013 - 02:52

July 9 - Goldman cuts its rating on IBM, Deutsche Bank raises its price target on Google.

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When you think IBM you probably think of a stable stock your grandmother would lead you. Goldman Sachs says think again it downgraded IBM's stock to neutral from buy. The investment bank is dropping its twelve month price target to 200 dollars from 220. Before golden -- -- and -- keep profits rolling and even as companies spending IT fluctuated. IBM's big problem now is a slowdown in Brazil and China markets that help drive with strong growth. Also I get high margin software in mainstream businesses are slowly. Goldman thinks picture of these issues it's for -- -- to make more acquisitions. And consider selling off some of the act that. IBM did wake did make one acquisition today scooping up CFM international provider of technology to create virtual cloud environments. Shares down to produce your 191 dollars they had a 52 week high above 215 dollars back in March. Blackberry struggle that is giving a big mounds up to the company not stock price or a new -- but to its name changed. They approve the switch from Research in Motion to a Blackberry an annual shareholders meeting. For his part -- arts and -- insists he means open to any options that would create value for its investors. He said the transformation is ongoing and in no way easy. No transformation needed at Google which is getting more praise from analysts. This time it Deutsche Bank in the fundamentals there as solid as ever. It ran it's numbers from Google for 2014. And lifted its price target 2010. Dollars more than 10% above current levels. -- champion of the not gives himself the hot. Barnes & Noble CEO William lynch quit as the nook digital division has been caught by the competition. Sales of the device falling 30% in the latest quarter for a deeper look at the story check out treating at -- Investors are certainly taking another look shares up nearly 4%. -- -- and sputtering time first -- if there -- XM radio. The stocks up 3% -- and the companies that the number of paying customers rose to 25 million in the second quarter helped by strong auto sales. And that's not good earth -- and Dora shares falling three -- spent on this news. Pandora's been making a push to make streaming service more easily available in -- putting it in direct competition with there. That's equity this Tuesday you could follow us on Twitter at RTR -- to equity. I'm just -- not bad it is right.

Techquity: Goldman sees less green at Big Blue

Tuesday, Jul 09, 2013 - 02:52

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