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Techquity: Judge throws e-book at Apple, HP upgraded

Wednesday, Jul 10, 2013 - 02:46

July 10 - Apple loses lawsuit over e-book pricing while an analyst upgrades Hewlett-Packard

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The last time you heard an analyst lift the stock firms now -- by. That's the case for one of our best grass which is getting a boost from city her. He analysts are underestimating the benefits from cost cutting. He also -- HP's services business gaining market share over the next year after losing ground for the past year. -- that boosted its price target to 32 box shares are up 2% today to 26. So there's planning outside in his prediction. HPQ by the way is the performer in the Dow this year. A federal judge throws the book at apple and the district judge ruling apple conspired with five major publishers to -- retail prices of Eva. Apple was accused of conspiring to undercut Amazon's -- -- dominant. Caught some prices to rise to twelve inning war 1419. And from the nine and united Amazon charts. Damages against apple will be determined in a separate trial. Apple maintained the allegations are false and that it will appeal the -- Apple shares roughly breakeven today near -- twenty Amazon down slightly year to ninety. Google's motto don't be evil but it may not apply to all its employees. Microsoft says hackers attacked computers by exploiting the bug in windows publicized by Google employee. The Google engineer posted details about the -- online two months ago without going to Microsoft first. He also criticized its security division that came under fire at the time for doing that. He couldn't be reached for content Google declined to comment but did say the engineers project with personal and not related to his work for Google. Google shares down slightly near 902 dollars. Microsoft up fractionally -- it's 52 week high of 3578. Hit last month. Soaring inspiring time sorting is Lam Research. Brokerage firm Davidson and company making positive comments about the chip equipment firm after its recent analyst day. Shares up 4% to a 52 week high. And sputtering Opentable. The Citigroup analyst who praised HP copy online restaurant reservations service to an out right fell. Analysts saying -- cable's current valuation doesn't reflect slowing revenue growth over the next few years. That's tech would be this Wednesday remember you can follow us on Twitter at RT are at equity. I'm Sharon price and then. It's going to.

Techquity: Judge throws e-book at Apple, HP upgraded

Wednesday, Jul 10, 2013 - 02:46

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