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Royal baby a retail giant

Thursday, Jul 11, 2013 - 01:37

UK retailers are riding the wave of excitement over Prince William and Kate Middleton’s baby all the way to the bank. Spending, from collectibles to celebratory libations, is expected to exceed $300 million.

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He's games of the blues and ring and is looking to make them into the act or even the lion of the little baby. Kate Middleton baby sit the retail World Cup buys and shops in Britain stock up on souvenir items -- you know why the child. Third time around. London shop for toddlers -- of maintenance baby even unveiled -- he could to line the little ones. Kids who knows how many can send a very thoughtful about it and -- -- -- time. It's nice couple of them I'm thrilled that this past weekend that we put enough but it doesn't stop there and. Different dishes to the union Jack Britain's got out with renewed pride popping -- collected cork in celebration. And according to the center for retail were searched. The Clinton spent -- saint -- stuff. An estimated 101 million dollars on alcohol 131. Million dollars on food and festivities. 84 million dollars on China and collectibles. Fallen off a whopping 367. Million dollars could be raked in by retailers. Which by the -- may be just the beginning once you start shopping earnest for the tot mom's around the world may -- make her every move. People's buying -- again two time in the media buying Cynthia. Kate. And let me. Yeah didn't the fact that. Average and. With a good back then who couldn't. And that as they say is money in the bank.

Royal baby a retail giant

Thursday, Jul 11, 2013 - 01:37

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