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Techquity: Microsoft's current structure goes out the window

Thursday, Jul 11, 2013 - 03:53

July 11 - Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer puts out reorganization plan, Nokia puts out new phone, and Amazon hits a high.

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Why Microsoft all the time that's what I thought the latest re art. Probably it patsy if the CEO Steve botrus that the company after rally behind the single strategy as one company not collection divisional strategies what does that mean. It means Dorothy you can't rely on just windows anymore. Do everything and see -- me. Everything's better from product creation to innovation to service delivery. Want to get way more output at the engineering group -- the people who design new products and services. He wants to put one in charge of acquisitions and partnerships. Analysts reacted to all of this JPMorgan that it doesn't give enough clarity on Microsoft's strategy. Janney capital markets is taking a wait and see approach Microsoft it'll take -- the end of this year to pick -- arrest of this reorganization. Shares up 2% today with the diffuse the -- 52 week high of 35 dollars and 78 cents. Microsoft continues to push its Windows Phone and the companies behind the devices like Nokia. It plans to work with the Finnish firm AT&T to market the new 289. Dollars -- at 1020. Nokia unveiled the phone today the senate is this new device it's camera. Not 510. Or even twenty megapixel. It's 41. Megapixels. CEO -- Elop says you can literally find the needle in haystack. But when was the last time you selected a Smartphone based on the camera. You're not alone. ComScore researchers purchasing decisions they said the top five reasons consumer choose Smartphones. Network quality cost data plan operating systems' selection of apps the next five involve cost to -- -- Brand and that number eight music video capabilities. That might include the quality of the camera but it might not either. Nokia's US listed shares barely moving. There's a lot of hype arrival about payments that is using animal about the owner Smartphone in the store and not to buy something on the web. But after -- about payment is bigger than sales. It isn't valuable out payments this year at about a billion dollars roughly in line with its previous forecast. But they now think about you won't hit twenty billion until 2016. It previously thought payments would hit that level a year earlier it says consumers are still experimenting with about payments from will cost purchases. The truth this service providers have to get the technology right to make it easier for merchants to adopt it for the consumers to use. No problems with the technology for making purchases on line. E-commerce from channel advisor reported that the merchants it works wet soft sales on Jump more than 30% in June. This in what is typically one of the slowest periods for online shopping. Shares of Amazon up 2% to a 52 week high near 300 dollars. Sorry sputtering time first Ari is Advanced Micro Devices. Bank of America and can't report -- their rating on the chipmaker to buy. Canaccord says and he's likely to benefit from Microsoft's plan to increase the number of acts boxers. Stocks were up 12%. Sputtering along at enterprise software firm marquee -- Shares are down 10% after UBS lowered its rating to sell from neutral. However market is still up 73%. Since that -- peel back in me. That's equity this Thursday remember you can follow us on Twitter at RT are -- equity. I'm just were not that -- is right.

Techquity: Microsoft's current structure goes out the window

Thursday, Jul 11, 2013 - 03:53

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