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"The Newsroom" breaks the story on second season

Wednesday, Jul 10, 2013 - 01:28

The stars of the HBO drama ''The Newsroom'' arrive on the red carpet in Hollywood, ready for the premiere of the Aaron Sorkin drama's second season. Joel Flynn reports.

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It ended with network news anchor Will McAvoy comparing the Tea Party with the Taliban. But the second season of HBO TV series "The Newsroom" sees things get much worse for him and his team. The show has had bad press for its apparent criticism of mainstream news. But at the series premiere in LA, Jeff Daniels, who plays McAvoy, said that was not the case. SOUNDBITE: Actor, Jeff Daniels, saying (English): "I think there are shows out there that are trying to do and successfully do what Will is trying to do, sometimes successfully, and that is to tell the truth. 'Tell us what we need to know, you're the guy we come too, you're the guy, out of all the ones that are on TV, you're the one I come to tell me what is really going on.'" Series creator Aaron Sorkin joined The Newsroom cast on the red carpet. Sorkin made his name as the writer of The West Wing and The Social Network. He said the friction in "The Newsroom" between network bosses and the programme staff is an important aspect of the show. SOUNDBITE: "The Newsroom" Creator/Executive Producer, Aaron Sorkin, saying (English): "Of course, it would be great if all news was PBS and you didn't have to worry about ratings and not have to worry about advertisers. That is not the way it is, it is a market economy and they have to answer to the same master as everyone else." The Newsroom returns to screens on July 14.

"The Newsroom" breaks the story on second season

Wednesday, Jul 10, 2013 - 01:28

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