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U.S. Morning Call: Bernanke effect boosts stocks, bonds

Thursday, Jul 11, 2013 - 03:43

July 11 - Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke says the U.S. economic uptrend is intact, calming U.S. markets.

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Where kicking -- morning call with a look at oil prices so close to 106. Dollars that's the highest since march of last year. And take a look at Brent trading just over 108 dollars that's near 83 guy. Costing. Two things US inventories oil showed the biggest two week drop on record. Which indicates strong demand for energy in the US. Second is. -- chair Ben Bernanke -- now he sent out loud and clear passage on Wednesday more fed money to come for the foreseeable future. All right take a look at stock futures this morning -- to hire. You can attribute that to the Bernanke packed. We're expecting eleven and retailers including gap to reports -- numbers for June. Costco already out same store sales rose 6% beating analysts' estimates. About a percent premarket moving ever closer to that thousand dollar price target set by so many brokerages. The Wall Street Journal reporting that Google's. X and could shelves in the fall. -- abilities flagship phones since being acquired by Google. Plus it's getting possibly upward of 500 million dollars to market highly anticipated -- Applicants -- on executives' ears had to perk up when I heard that. Well make due out -- Smartphone dominance. As a clear leader in the PC industry for whatever that's worth. China's Lenovo -- HP as the world's top PC -- in the last corner. Keep in mind that that seeing quarter global PC shipments 11%. And Ellis expects sales to continue to decline. I drugmaker it is exclusively reporting that -- BT financial businesses third largest shareholder. We'll vote for dissident investor first Manhattan. The firm has proposed a plan to take control of this is -- with its -- nine nominees. For that has criticized as. But it disappoints it's diet drug Houston. The SEC. Out some rules like decades old rules right out the door by lifting a ban on advertising by hedge funds private equity groups and other companies. Skeptics say this is not ignite the likes of blacks and pain that the companies that may raise capital. The FCC also click on for viewers to -- and a lot about share offerings that aren't yet registered with the agency. Helps smaller companies raise cash from investors. In the central to the jobs act which claims to make your which aims to make it easier for small business. Small businesses to attract investors. All right now for a Sun Valley moment there Barry Diller -- here is -- Diane von Furstenberg. Having an intense conversation perhaps about dealers and our country's. Looks like it can't take anymore of that first lawsuits against area and how Amy white questioning his actions that means giving up. We'll bring you more Sun -- comments throughout the week. That's Thursday morning remember on Twitter -- Reuters Insider and Margaret is patently not flat.

U.S. Morning Call: Bernanke effect boosts stocks, bonds

Thursday, Jul 11, 2013 - 03:43

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