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Hackers turn Verizon box into spy tool

Friday, Jul 12, 2013 - 02:57

Researchers at iSec hacked into a Verizon network extender, which anyone can buy online, and turned it into a cell phone tower small enough to fit inside a backpack capable of capturing and intercepting all calls, text messages and data sent by mobile devices within range.

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So this device is a frontal assault or branded -- network extender from Verizon. And it's clearly very small about the size of a home -- that you get from -- -- And you just plug it into your home Internet connection and an -- And you -- at your windows it'll choir GPS lock and at that point functions as a small cell phone -- we started looking at a traffic that was. Can profit by that we were able to intercept people phone calls text messages picture messages and -- So I'm going to make -- call them. -- -- -- Work. Don't know if I'm good how are you -- great things. These aren't you. Two great action. -- -- I'm putting a text message to send that we will intercept. Just a moment some -- this is not the type of method someone else for me. We can see that text message. Both being spent. And because the phone that this is the text message is. Also. Associated to the device we can see it being received well. The level of technical skill that you need to break into one of these people are learning college. Malicious person put one of these with a battery in a backpack and goes downtown. And put that in no place like Times Square or. Wall Street. Everyone is walking around comes in -- into the -- -- -- and they'll associate to it means essentially leave it. Well. This person. Captures all the text messages while there hanging out in that area including for -- think mobile think. So he can get a chapter of all the mobile banking that's going on and use that do it -- after my other counts and sometimes support. My -- yet. Frankly these devices to -- I mean this is really about. You know not the NSA. Tapping ordinary people -- about ordinary people attacking ordinary people. We identified the specific techniques that let us get on to this device and there were very hard to fix them. And they are facts that affects several months ago so the techniques that we use to get confidence that I can break into it. Can no longer be used however. If you give them my computer they're always going to be able to break into it eventually so securing the device to -- very high standards is critical to. Keep as many people out of these for a long.

Hackers turn Verizon box into spy tool

Friday, Jul 12, 2013 - 02:57

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