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Inside the brain of the GOP-controlled House

Friday, Jul 12, 2013 - 02:58

House Republican members said they won’t pass a Senate immigration reform bill, even though the issue hobbled the party in last election. Here’s why they’re making what might seem a surprising move.

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What's going on guys how. -- House Republicans are thinking right now. That they just want this issue go away they don't want to deal with that they want to kill it. And there the last line of defense against Kelly there's no pressure they don't feel any pressure to pass it helps level. I'm with the most recent round of redistricting most of these Republicans. Are completely safe particularly in states where -- this state legislature and the governor are Republican control. They drew lines in a way. That really marginalized. Or or or clustered groups of people together even if it didn't make geographic sense. That's why you can look at congressional district maps Lotta times they kind of look like a funky snake running in the middle of the state for example. They drew these lines in a way that maximize. Their ability. To hold on to more congressional seats. Com and marginalize their opponents they don't have that pressure of having a lot of Hispanic voters clamoring for action. Those -- home district next door district on the other side the state. It's not their constituents and today they don't feel pressure when you look at the polls show people overwhelmingly support this. There impervious to it it's not affect their reelection campaigns at least in their minds and I think that's one of the reasons. Why they're gonna vote against it. The second main reason I think it's related and it's also very political. And that is there's a disincentive. I think for a lot of house Republicans in their -- If they passed a pathway to citizenship. And those are new voters. And Hispanics vote overwhelmingly Democrat. So by voting. To give more Hispanic voters citizenship and the right to vote. I think from a for at least tell them they just see it as an opportunity for Democrats to pick up more votes and they don't want that. -- know this was an opinion -- The Republicans in the senate. Decide to move on this now because of the -- and I think. They would of justice -- that don't exist at all but they solve the political realities they decide to move forward. I think this is the wind. And their caucus meeting. It was pretty clear that the majority of the house -- -- along with us we are not going to do this and that sort of build my view was flawed so we are not condone the senate bill. And that they don't get it done this time and Republicans. Take over at the White House or take over the senate I think this issue goes away for a long time. This has been one of the most obstructionist congresses at. There is no attempt compromise there is no attempt to find common ground. The bigger the fight the better it is for their personal politics. At some point I think I'll catch up with that.

Inside the brain of the GOP-controlled House

Friday, Jul 12, 2013 - 02:58

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