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Techquity: Investors hungry for Yelp, Apple and Google talk

Friday, Jul 12, 2013 - 03:13

July 12 - Yelp hits a 52-week high and Google's Eric Schmidt says the companies are on friendlier terms than believed.

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The stock market taking a breather today but not -- all the online -- -- -- hitting a 52 week high. The stock trading up 6% more than 39 bucks a share so much for Google's efforts at displace it with the gas. Needham starting coverage of the -- rating saying only 2% small medium businesses in the US advertise on a platform. It thinks yup could boost its revenue by a billion dollars just by getting 3% market share. Also -- -- international opportunities are greater than most analysts believe. And see the company growing even more about moving in areas like food delivery of that management and payments. Hate hate relationship many envisioned between apple and Google isn't the reality at least according to Google's executive chairman. Eric Smith says the two companies talk all the time and the relationship that's improved over the past year. He told reports that the annual Allen and company media conference in Sun Valley, Idaho the two aren't constant discussions -- a long list of issues. And it's comments I was wondering about. Who else might be talking that would surprise us. Maybe Japanese post and -- bomber having regular meetings. Or. Not Taylor Swift and John Mayer now Allen and listings on or even Mariah Carey and acumen not. When they talk about at a dinner. Google's share this war while they're down fractionally but trading above 900 dollars. Apple also down fractionally above or twice. Adjust when he thought things are going Michael Dell's way in the duel over Dell investor Carl Icahn comes punching back he swings his bit by adding warrants. -- certainly -- bid worth 1515 to eighteen dollars this year that would top Michael -- all cash offer of thirteen 65 a share earlier this week. About the computer company got a positive recommendation for a bit from the in influential shareholder advisory firm Institutional Shareholder Services. While I have this decision boosted -- not 13% on Monday. Investors. Reacting must icons move today -- down a fraction. Shareholders vote on the battling -- next Thursday. Now we mentioned earlier that Eric Schmidt has been -- an apple but look at this picture. But he -- making nice on this -- it's why but obviously not iPhone. We came across the shot and tweeted by Yahoo! tech in me -- wonder whether -- been -- -- -- using Google's upcoming phone the moto acts. It just so happens that it's strikingly similar to reported shot in the moto from a Chinese micro blogging site Kerry by -- site pocket lint. Only difference is the color the covers are reportedly customizable. And what appears to be holes for the speaker are on opposite sides. Now we can't say this pictures real or up phony. I'll bet he wasn't calling young at least not this well that's equity this Friday you can follow on Twitter -- artists equity. I'm Fred Katayama and this. Is going.

Techquity: Investors hungry for Yelp, Apple and Google talk

Friday, Jul 12, 2013 - 03:13

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